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The old lighthouse.

  THE OLD LIGHTHOUSE The days pass one after another, the sunken void left by the surreality of it all is slowly filled with the acceptance of a new reality. These strange streets slowly turn into a common sight, its touch becomes a familiar grasp, its landscapes now live in my memories, sparks of wonder […]

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Sashimi Fest 2021

This Saturday I assisted to the 4th edition of the sashimi fest, a couple of disclaimers: — This was the first time I ate Sashimi; mainly because… — I’m not used to eating raw Fish; I come from a city that’s literally in the center of Mexico, there are no ports or fishing boats for […]

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Festival del Mole 2021 Los Cabos

Today November 30th was announced the Mole Festival 2021 “LOS CABOS” at a public conference at the Barrazul Restaurant. Since 2016, the creator of the Mole Festival, chef Ariosto Antonio C. originally from Oaxaca, proud of his roots and knowing the potential that the gastronomy of his region has, not only in Mexico but also […]

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Sportfishing Fleets Los Cabos

Los Cabos Sportfishing Fleets & Charters Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, Mexico 1 – Sportfishing Charter Fleets – Home page 2 – Sportfishing Charter Fleets A to H 3 – Sportfishing Charter Fleets – Page 2 4 –  Los Cabos Fishing and Sportfishing Articles […]

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Happy Thanksgiving day from Los Cabos Guide

Thanksgiving is not a Mexican festivity, I’m not going to pretend it is, at least not a traditional one. At least not everywhere. In the north of the country, crossing the line that divides Mexico and the USA becomes a usual activity for citizens of both countries, people walk to both directions of that line, […]

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