standard-title Westin Beach

Westin Beach, Playa Westin, The Eastern Part of Playa Buenos Aires

Cabo San Lucas Tourist Corridor, Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Westin Beach update May 2007 – Most of this beach now fronts a golf course, resort development and construction. The privacy that previously was found on this stretch of beach may not be available. Entrance to this beach may now be restricted, or only accessible through the resorts. The direction below may not be correct.

We are calling this area Westin Beach, but it is part of a long stretch of beach called Playa Buenos Aires (Good Air Beach) and is only about 15 minutes from Cabo San Lucas. At about Km. 23.3 turn into the entrance to the Westin Regina Resort Los Cabos and take a right onto the dirt road (taxis park in this area) heading down toward the beach.

From Left: Nice for long walks and listening to the waves crashing on the shore; looking east toward The Westin Resort and San Jose del Cabo; this view is looking west toward Cabo Real and Cabo San Lucas

Follow the dirt road on the left down to the beach area closest to the hotel. This dirt road is accessible with a normal car. Walk about 50 yards to the beach and find a secluded spot. There is another dirt path, about 100 yards back from the beach, heading west. On this path you will need 4 wheel drive and have to go through some light brush and other desert terrain. You’ll quickly come out on a very hard sandstone hill. Go slowly and traverse the sandstone a hundred yards or so west and heading down to the beach, you should not get stuck, and the reward is great. You will not be able to get closer than 20 to 30 yards from the beach, but it is an easy walk. The beach is lined with rock protected coves. You can see part of the hotel a mile or so away to the east with Eldorado Golf Club partly visible to the west. You will normally have the beach all to yourself but should be able to find your own secluded cove to enjoy the day.
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