post-title Sashimi Fest 2021

Sashimi Fest 2021

Sashimi Fest 2021

This Saturday I assisted to the 4th edition of the sashimi fest, a couple of disclaimers:

— This was the first time I ate Sashimi; mainly because…

— I’m not used to eating raw Fish; I come from a city that’s literally in the center of Mexico, there are no ports or fishing boats for quite a few kilometers around, so, I was always a little too cautious about eating raw fish, I would go to some sushi place from time to time, but generally is a good rule of thumb that you shouldn’t just eat sushi anywhere.

And after those little announces; How was it?

It was pretty good, for what felt like a pretty good price you were able to not only enjoy a huge —and I mean huge— variety of Sashimi recipes, but you also had the opportunity to speak with the chefs about their plate, ask them how did they come up with the recipe o where did they learn it, and why did they choose it for the event.

Everyone seemed genuinely pleased of explaining to you how their plate came together, many would personally serve you on your plate as they talked to you allowing you to have the best experience at every table possible.

As the evening started to darken and the food started to run low, live music raised o the center of the stage and turned the event into a celebration of everyone’s efforts, prizes were given to the winners of the three different categories.

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