standard-title Cannery Beaches

The Cannery Beaches include Playa Coral Negro and Playa Balconcito

Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, Mexico.

Los Cabos is home to many beautiful beaches, a few of which, like Lover’s and Médano, are endlessly extolled by travel and guidebook writers. But there is one beach that never seems to be mentioned, despite the fact that its location is so central to Cabo San Lucas that it borders the entrance to the Cabo San Lucas Marina, and it is mere steps from the building that housed the town’s primary commercial enterprise prior to widespread, government-sponsored tourism. Playa Coral Negro seems to be the most commonly used moniker, but I have also heard this beach and its neighbors referred to as Cannery Beach, The Locals Beach and Old Peoples’ Beach. To further complicate things, Playa Coral Negro and two neighboring beaches are collectively referred to as the Cannery Beaches.

It has always seemed rather curious to me that a beach of such geographic and historical importance gets so little coverage, but to be fair to travel and guidebook writers, many locals appear somewhat confused about the actual name of the beach. The Cannery Beaches may be the least publicized beach in Cabo San Lucas.

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