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Happy Thanksgiving day from Los Cabos Guide

Thanksgiving is not a Mexican festivity, I’m not going to pretend it is, at least not a traditional one. At least not everywhere. In the north of the country, crossing the line that divides Mexico and the USA becomes a usual activity for citizens of both countries, people walk to both directions of that line, […]

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The Day of the Dead in Los Cabos

The night of November the 2nd is a night of culture and tradition, of insight and reflection, of duel and acceptance, is a night of celebration,  is the night of the Day of the Dead. This November the 2nd was celebrated the first nautical parade in Los Cabos for the Day of the Dead. This […]

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Los Cabos VIP Summit Celebrates its 15th Edition

The VIP Summit is a space that seeks to promote tourist activity in Los Cabos, sharing experiences and the service that have positioned it as one of the most important tourist destinations in Mexico. The fifteenth edition of “Los Cabos VIP Summit” is taking place from November 3 to 5, for the first time, through […]

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Fresko La Comer Cabo San Lucas

Fresko La Comer Cabo San Lucas Tourist Corridor, Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, Mexico The new Fresko La Comer store is now scheduled to open the week of 10 November 2021 in Cabo San Lucas, in a location along the the Tourist Corridor, near Home Depot. The original opening date of November […]

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