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Agua Salada Barra Cocina

Agua Salada Barra & Cocina

Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, México

agua-salada-logoAgua Salada Barra & Cocina, located on the north side of the Cabo San Lucas Marina, has only been open for two years since 2017, but is already quite popular with locals and tourists alike. The air-conditioned restaurant and bar was created and built with the concept of giving Los Cabos a different, affordably priced place featuring sports entertainment, delicious food and a unique variety of alcoholic beverages.

The Agua Salada menu features a kaleidoscope of dishes which include Jalisco-style barbecue tacos, jumbo burritos, handmade thick and juicy hamburgers, original recipe Mexican ceviche, hot wings, pastas with seafood or chicken, pizzas and their already famous sushi; prepared inside the trendy establishment’s bright cherry red Volkswagen bus. Their location offers a nice, panoramic view of the harbor. The immaculate, roomy, dining and drinking establishment offers a Tuesday night $20 pesos drink special. The restaurant’s hospitality extends from the Bilingual manager on site, to their hostess, waiter, waitresses, and bartenders.

Friday at Agua Salada is Ladies Night, where women in their early 20’s through late 50’s enjoy free tequila, rum, whiskey, gin and/or vodka drinks free, between the hours of 9:00 – 11:00 PM. ”We always strive to serve the best quality food available using fresh local produce and catch of the day fish for sushi.” states their website. Agua Salada also welcomes the addition of their specialty Oaxaca-style Mezcal, that is not easily available in many regions of Mexico, including Baja California.

A Mezcal drink from an ancient recipe and an artisanal fermentation processes of extracting the Maguey plantl giving it a distinct and non-chemically enhanced quality and flavor. Agua Salada has daily promotions and free parking. Located at Marina Boulevard, Downtown Cabo San Lucas, BCS, Mexico. Open Sunday-thru-Wednesday 12:00 Noon-Midnight. Thursday, Friday, Saturday 12 Noon-2:00 AM. For reservations (624) 144-4665. All major credit cards accepted. F.R.

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Agua Salada Restaurant


Agua Salada Restaurant, Los Cabos, Last Revision March 14, 2019 – ERC



Paseo de la Marina #1, Col. Centro, Marina, Cabo San Lucas B.C.S. Mexico.


22.882266676775146, -109.91060614585876

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Opening Hours


12:00 Noon-Midnight - Kitchen and Bar closes at 12:00 am


12:00 Noon-Midnight - Kitchen and Bar closes at 12:00 am


12:00 Noon-Midnight - Kitchen and Bar closes at 12:00 am


12:00 pm to 2:00 am - Kitchen closes 12 pm; Bar closes 2 am


12:00 pm to 2:00 am - Kitchen closes 12 pm; Bar closes 2 am


12:00 pm to 2:00 am - Kitchen closes 12 pm; Bar closes 2 am


12:00 Noon-Midnight - Kitchen closes 11 pm; Bar closes 12 am

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