post-title A morning with Cabo Shuttle Services Owner.

A morning with Cabo Shuttle Services Owner.

A morning with Cabo Shuttle Services Owner.

I woke up knowing that I would meet someone and went to work not knowing where I would be working.

-“You’ll do an interview” -I was told.

-“Alright”- I answered.

It’s not the first time that I do an interview but is not something that I do every day, and honestly, I think you can tell. I am not the most extroverted person, and putting the weight of a conversation on my shoulders can be a little overwhelming. That is on top of the activity itself, which is quite surreal once you think about it. I was taken to the house of someone I didn’t knew, to ask him questions about his job and his life. Have you talked with someone trying to dig for a tale to tell?

It took us a second to find the meeting place, Martin Ramirez —Cabo Shuttle Services‘ Owner— welcomed us into his house. He’s looking for publicity for his company, I’m searching for something worth writing. He kindly leads us to his living room, we get to meet some members of his family and like old acquaintances, we all sit around the table.

I get lost in my thoughts while people around me talk about terms and contracts.  Like a child sitting a the grownups table, I’m just staring at an impressive view of Cabo San Lucas, wondering about how I got here, wondering about what to ask. Then with a sudden change of pace I hear my name, my yellow legal pad appears in front of me, there is a person on the other side of the table smiling, Martin says — Go Ahead.

Not knowing how I got here I ask about the path that took him here, we talked about values and principles, about a man that began with nothing. I listen to the story of a man able to do what I never could, to just work. I’m always concerned about an idea behind my words, a reason behind my text, a meaning behind my job. The man in front of me just worried about doing his job, and about doing it right. He tells me about books that inspired him, about old friends that helped him grow in the way he did. I hear and I write, yellow paper is filled with little notes about cars, about business decisions and Covid, and about the life of the person in front of me.

I got my story to tell.

He welcomed a quiet young man into his house, he let this stranger take a sit in his living room and told him his life, have you talked to someone whose job is to listen to you?  Martin did it with confidence and kindness, he did it with a smile. Without more to talk about we closed the conversation, my yellow legal pad went back to my backpack. And I was still sitting beside this beautiful view, and the man in front of me was no longer a stranger.

I went back home, having met someone, and with work still left to do.


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