post-title Top 10 Restaurants: Part 3

Top 10 Restaurants: Part 3

Top 10 Restaurants: Part 3

Baware the Hotel Assosiated Reustaurant.

Trip Advisor’s Top 10 Restaurants: Part 3

Before heading out, let’s summarize Trip Advisor’s reviews and figure out where they’re at.

The last 4 restaurants on our Trip Advisor´s Top 10 Breakdown.

We made it to the end! This is the last addition to this thread. Here’s Part 1 And Part 2. This ongoing endeavor is in short, research on what to expect of each restaurant. These aren’t my opinions, they’re a summary of what the collective body of reviews would have us expect, and a look into how accessible each location is for the average tourist.


Most of the following restaurants are subsidiary enterprises of large hotel groups, unfortunately, the goal is making money! These restaurants, from what I can gather don’t deserve to be on the top 10 and speculatively hold their spot by review farming, many have poor to regular customer service, un-note-worthy food, function by reservation only, as they get most of their customers funneled through from their respective hotels, and command really high prices which are kept a secret until you’re at the establishment.

I really considered not making this entry as I prefer to keep quiet if don’t have anything nice to say, but I feel it’s my responsibility to establish a fair warning to those who look to Trip Advisor´s Top 10 for a good recommendation. So ill, begrudgingly outright state by name the restaurants on this list that from my, granted limited research, generate suspicion in me.

And as a courteous caveat, ill leave it up to you as I did not go to these restaurants and will only base my opinion upon the information (or lack-their-of ) I can find online, making my largest effort to see things through the best light available.

3. La Casona

I really don’t feel like pandering today. La Casona sits at number 3, similarly to El Patrón ( Number 7 on Top 10 Part 2 ) this restaurant is within the Villas del Palmar family of resorts, the restaurant is accessible only by reservation. Similarly, inaccessible is the menu and its price range, my guess is that it isn’t cheap. Hotel restaurants never are. This time there were more photos available, the food looks better than at El Patrón, but from what I can see, there really isn’t anything I would call noteworthy or exciting from the “culinary experience” point of view.

Once again Villas Del Palmars restaurant hosts a lot of negative reviews that although a fraction of the whole, and possible isolated incidents, read of issues that seem to plague both restaurants. I may be biassed, but I don’t really expect much from most Hotel restaurants in Cabo, I hope I’m wrong, I’m open to have my opinion changed, hell, id welcome it.

6. Jack’s Steakhouse

Wow! A pirate-themed restaurant! Surprisingly not tacky, you won’t be served by Captain Jack Sparrow.

Very prominently situated right on the Marina, a mist lively neighboring of almost always full restaurants, live music and guests charge the atmosphere with an energetic ambiance that’s hard to beat. You’ll undoubtedly walk by this place and think its the place to be.

The food looks ok, and the nice reviews say the same. It’s Ok. On the menu you’ll find Steak, a few salads, and two vegetarian options. Its price range goes from 10-20USD (200-400 Pesos) for entrée and main dishes, steaks go from 20-40USD (400 to 800 Pesos), and “specialties” go from 50-150USD  (1000-3000 Pesos). Pricy in comparison to most of the entries of the list really and not stacking up against its cheaper competitors.



8. Vela



Within the Hilton, Cabo San Lucas. Even the worst reviews recognize Vela to be a beautiful restaurant with great service. Were the good and the bad reviews all seem to agree, is in that the food is average and not worth its price. It’s definitely not the most over-prised restaurant on this list, the food doesn’t seem to be bad, the customers meerly feel it’s overpriced. Not bad, but not good enough to command such high prices.

After going through the menu, that is, for a hotel restaurant surprisingly available, props to you Hilton. It doesn’t to me seem stratosfericaly pricy. Going from 20-30USD. It is on the pricier side, but its doable. All reviews (even the worst) say its beautiful and service is good, taking this in to account, its not my favorite on the list, not the first id try, not what id enthusiastically recommend, but amist the low standards and horrendous reviews I’ve read regarding Hotel restaurants, this one came out relatively unscathe.

5. Los Deseos

DON’T ORDER WATER! Oddly this is the most notorious issue being brought up by reviewers across the board. 7 USD bottle of water. Yeah, I know.

Yeah, well, how do you make a come back from that? It’s Fiji water, does that help? I hope since last mentioned in the reviews it’s been resolved and fixed. The place looks really pretty, it’s right on the Marina, its a real good spot to take tons of nice family photos and selfies. Breakfast menu goes from 10 to 15 USD, Lunch-Dinner Menu goes from 10-20 USD with a few specialties that go up to 65-70 USD, the menu has the works, a lot of familiar Mexican options, steak, fish, tacos, you’ll find something you fancy.

Waiters wear mariachi-esc uniforms, there’s a little waterfall right in the middle of the restaurant. Service is hit and miss, both happy and bothered customers have weighed in. All in all, there’s hope and room a clear path out of discontent. At this time the last “water incident” was mentioned 3 days ago today. Discontent on this matter I can’t imagine is a mystery to Los Deseos Management, and if not for this matter I would call this place a noteworthy photo op with good food and a fun outlook.

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