post-title Top 10 Restaurants: Part 2

Top 10 Restaurants: Part 2

Top 10 Restaurants: Part 2

Trip Advisor’s Top 10 Restaurants: Part 2.

Before heading out, let’s summarize Trip Advisor’s reviews and figure out where they’re at.

Heres 3 more restaurants off of Trip Advisor´s Top 10. We saved the best for last! (Read number 9!)

Now at part 2, we carry on! This ongoing endeavor is in short, research on what to expect of each restaurant. These aren’t my opinions, rather a simple summary of what the collective body of reviews would have us expect, and a look into how accessible each location is for the average tourist.

10. Wachinango’s

At this week’s number, 10 slot is Wachinango´s , with a less extravagant social media campaign I found myself at first glance a lot less excited about this restaurant. Not really seeing why it stands at number 10 I began to look through many of the reviews on Trip Advisor´s, to my surprise a lot of the reviews made by customers had pictures I enjoyed more than those I found on their official social media.

Many of the reviews explicitly mentioned the name of the waiter who served them, making a special note on how good the service was. These reviews feel so well-rounded that I’ve become suspicious, have these reviews been paid for? Then you see the picture attached, blue-hued poorly taken photography, you know, the hallmark of genuine amateur photography. Is this place really that good? Is their service so good that it warrants this sort of praise?

This restaurant is literally on the beaten path, tired of walking? take a step off your path and walk into Wachinango’s, its price range is seductive, not a single thing over 10dlls (200 pesos), with these reviews, and that price range, I’m curious as hell to see if it will live up to these expectations. Come one, Come all! if it’s as good as they say it’s a hell of a deal, if not, bring your pitchforks to Trip Advisor´s, and for a small price we get to play food critic.

I’m sure to go soon, I’m excited to challenge these remarkably good reviews.

7. El Patrón Mexican Bistro

Located inside Villa Del Arco hotel, access to El Patrón will be limited. Only through reservation. This isn’t a place to walk to or a place you’ll walk by. It’s tremendously located, you’ll likely unseemingly be very near it as it’s located about 50 feet off Médano Beach walled off in Villa Del Arco. It has a wonderful beachfront view and beautiful accommodations. I used to work here, not in the restaurant, but my job had me walk through the restaurant many times.

Ok, well, let’s be careful now. I won’t be adding any pictures of the food cause I genuinely couldn’t find any that I think are actually exciting, the food looks, at least in the few pictures I managed to get my hands on, average. Out of all the restaurants I’ve gone over, this has the most subpar reviews. The bad reviews may very well be isolated incidents, but after reading them I can see where they’re coming from.

The restaurant’s view is a thing a beauty and El Patrón seem to agree boasting pictured mostly of the ambiance. It’s a beautiful place to be and I agree, I just wish I could find more information about what is actually being served here.

Buffet breakfast from 7:30 am to 11:30 am, Breakfasts: 7:30 a.m. – 11:00 pm, Dinner: from 6:00 p.m, at 10:30 p.m. In regards to price, I got as far as Trip Advisor´s estimate, I couldn’t find a menu. Trip Advisor´s estimate goes from $150 to $1500 USD ($3,983 – $33,203 Mexican Pesos). That’s steep, I don’t see myself getting a chance to dine here anytime soon, if they’re willing to invite me id be happy to find out exactly what El Patrón is about and report back in fuller detail.

It’s on the Top 10 for a reason, IT IS a beautiful restaurant, unfortunately, research won’t reveal much. At such a steep price range id expect El Patrón to be on top of its game serving exuberant meals, executed with great precision. At many hundreds of dollars above every restaurant that’s been looked into until now, id expect much higher standards. Unfortunately, like the restaurant itself, its secrets are locked away for the few lucky ones who leap into its discovery.


9. Metate Cabo


Wow! At number 9, Metate Cabo is the most exciting restaurant I’ve seen so far, I had no idea there was something this impressive in Cabo. I’ll do my best to put in words what metate is offering, you’ll need to either rent a car or take an Uber out to this one, but it’s well worth it. Apart from the tourist trap side of Cabo, its setting feels like a ranch in the desert. To a local, the true beauty of Baja lays dormant in these secluded areas. I understand the fear of setting out into the dark expanse of the desert, Metate harbors this feeling whilst being next to one of the best, high-end new living developments in Cabo. There’s no need to worry.

Metate is best described as romantic, dreamlike, I’ve not seen anything this well-executed in Cabo, ever. This is to my recollection a place where things are being done with love. Beauty is integrated in the land, the happy trees planted years ago, beautiful ceramics, every detail seems to have been lovingly considered in bringing together a whole experience.

I try to be optimistic, not generous per se, not unrealistic. The truth is that most restaurants in Cabo offer what I could call ordinary quality, you know, good enough so you can get away with it. This on the other hand is something I would call fine dining. What I see in their pictures I’ve never seen in Cabo. The price range goes from 10-35USD (200 a 700 Mexican pesos), in Cabo, if you’re looking for a fine dining experience, it has to be Metate Cabo. I know of no other. And its CHEAP! considering what’s on the table. Pun intended.

Out of all I’ve seen, I’ve got excited over a few. Namely Barracuda´s and Wachinango’s, for very fundamental reasons, I feel they’re doing a good job. But it’s Metate Cabo who changing the game. Metate is my favorite out of the list so far. I’m most excited about Metate than any other, I’m extremely happy that true quality is beginning to seep into Cabo, willfully imposing its gifts upon everyone in the industry.

If any restaurant on my list is worth a chance, it’s metate.


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