post-title Médano Beach.

Médano Beach.

Médano Beach.

Cabo’s Pride and Joy. We’re talking Médano Beach.

Médano Beach, Baja’s unforgiving desert path yields into paradise at Land’s end.

Yeah yeah, The Arch. Cabo’s well-known natural monument is a gift of nature. But it’s Medano Beach you’ll enjoy. Nearest to town, it’s the heart and soul of Cabo’s vibrance, it’s a two-mile-long cove beach sheltered off from harsh surf, hosting everything from a calm quiet swim to jelly shots.

High-rise all inclusive resorts, palapa cantinas, fine dining, sunrise yoga, fishing and sailing, kayaks, banana boats, wave runners, paddleboards, parasailing, hats, t-shirts, silver jewelry, blankets, sombreros, temporary tattoos, massages, hair braiding, both silence and hell-raising is nurtured here. All always accessible.

If you can get a towel and bathing suit, you’re ready to go. You can take a long walk, get away, meditate in silence and calmly swim to your heart’s content; Have a great beachfront meal, get wasted, or all of the above.

This is where I go when I’ve had a long day. Or start my day when i feel i need a reset. Here ive had great meals, soulful alone time, here I’ve cried, here I’ve laughed at 3am sitting on a blanket with friends, kissed under the stars and seen the sun as it rose. This is where children play, where men chug beers, families gather, the young venture. It’s a wonderful beach, its always clean and well kept, its a treasure to have it be there for you. It offers a little of everything to everyone.





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