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Lover’s Beach

Lover’s Beach
“The tip of the Cape at San Lucas, with the huge gray Friars standing up on the end, has behind the rocks a little beach which is a small boy’s dream of pirates . . . and this little beach must so have appealed to earlier men, for the names of pirates are still in the rock, and the pirate ships did dart out of here and did come back.”
John Steinbeck
One side of the beach borders the Pacific Ocean, while the other side of the beach borders the Sea of Cortez. Here they kiss. 

Lover’s Beach.

At lands end, the desert gives way to the last beach soaked by El Mar de Cortez, yielding to the vastness of The Pacific Ocean. Here is where you’ll find Lover’s Beach, celebrated by the howls of Sea Lions who call the small rock islands peeking out of the ocean their home.

A beach parted into two by the Arch, a sandy path joins El Mar de Cortez and The Pacific. On the side of el Mar de Cortez life thrives, here the Sea Lions sing their songs, great many fish of all variety gather and dance among the submerged rock towers, here el Mar de Cortez welcomes man courteously giving its last gift as it becomes one with its lover, The Pacific.

The pacific side is a large expanse of white sand locked in like a cove by towering rocks, the powerful waves of The Pacific run up the beach with visible force. These waters are not welcoming and should be treated with respect. To swim here is to challenge The Pacific Ocean’s mercy. Here it’s best to walk, to be humbled by the force of The Pacific. To see the sunset over an endless blue field.


Inaccessible by land, the beach is walled off by sheer rock. Climbing is an option, but only as “free soloing” and it’s not for the uninitiated. To take on the challenge of climbing to this beach is to also be a confident swimmer, as, if all else fails, you may have to swim a quarter mile before you can set foot on land.

Best is to arrive via Water Taxi, make sure you make return arrangements, boats are scarce after 4-5 p.m. You’ll find many boatmen willing to take you to Lover’s Beach (Playa del Amor) at the Marina, you need only ask. Lover’s Beach has no services, no bathrooms, nothing. You should pack a lunch, water and plan on spending the better part of the day enjoying Lover’s Beach and the striking rock towers shaped by wind and sea.

Swim only bayside, the calm waters of the El Mar de Cortez, and many frolicking lively aquatic inhabitants make Lover’s Beach ideal for snorkeling right offshore. Swimming near the arch or on the Pacific side of the beach is very dangerous.

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