post-title Sorry About That

Sorry About That

Sorry About That

Sorry for spamming you.

Our bad. Thank you for bearing with us.

Woof, we’re sorry about that. These despicable, senseless tactics are nothing but a burden on everyone involved.

Somewhere along the line, some social medial manager implemented these auto-send emails in our system and has since been plaguing everyone generous enough to sign up for our newsletter. To whoever is left, it’s finally over. A lot has changed since covid, we too took a hiatus and rediscovered our self.

We’ve changed a lot, things are different around here. Our priority is in making articles worth reading, poetic truths. I don’t write a word more than I must. If you’re willing to read me, ill treasure each word taken of your valuable time. We’ll make it count.

Our latest articles are of this nature and will continue to be so. From now on, signing up for the newsletter means that you will be sent a single email when a new article is published. These articles serve the singular purpose of providing quality information to our readers.

I hope to gain your trust, so let’s be straightforward. A magazine is a business like any other. Alas, our business is not in taking advantage of our reader’s willingness to participate. It is in becoming a reliable source of information, in being capable of finding and articulating genuine life experiences. We offer the capacity to find and articulate these attributes to our readers, this is our business.





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