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Los Cabos Magazine


Dārayavahuš & The Lion.

Los Cabos Magazine’s next issue is to change what has since been expected. 

I’m the mouth, he’s the face. I speak of beauty, a tongue of silver that fits its glowing color-shifting eyes. His colors taint my stories, my stories deforms its face. We, is what you now see. Our burden is your interest. 

Translated from the edited text of the magazine’s proposed changes. 

“Photos must rapture. Striving to capture the moment in its natural form. What we will seek out is perfectly imperfect. That, it, takes you to the experience. We seek excellence and quality, we seek the soul. The scent that’s hidden. 

We will join voyaging souls and the unwinding. Underlying everpresent romance, we intend to enamorate our audience 

To join, not one if not the other, mouth and eyes must boyage together. To portray the voyages escense.”

Text edited by sharpie from original proposal. 

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