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Top 10 Restaurants

Top 10 Restaurants

Trip Advisor’s Top 10 Restaurants.

The planning phase. Before heading out, let’s summarize Trip Advisor’s reviews and figure out where they’re at.

 I’ll go to every one of these eventually, I’ll write in detail about each. For now, here’s my research.

This will be an ongoing endeavor, in this first part ill do the research for you. These won’t be my opinions, not my take, rather a simple comprehensive summary of what the collective body of reviews would have us expect of each restaurant. And a look over, in accordance to their brick and mortar, how accessible its locations are for the average tourist.

1. Panache Restaurant.

At 5 outta 5, Panache is king of the hill. Their menu is available on their Facebook: Panache Restaurant, with prices ranging between 15 to 20 USD (Between 250 and 400 Mexican Pesos), the menu is small, mostly consisting of French/Italian options. Described as vegetarian friendly, the overall consensus is very positive, the worst review I could find called it “Overrated” and described its meals as bland, nothing special. I wouldn’t call that scathing. The rest of the reviews speak highly. Granted, Panache holds its peak with a meager 156 reviews, but at its price point, I can’t see why not give it a shot.

Quaint, Homey, slightly hidden, it’s a 5minute walk from the average tourist’s beaten path. It’ll be an adventure without striking your neckout into the wild.


2. Barracuda’s

At second place on Trip Advisor, sits Barracruda’s. Honestly, in doing research about Barracuda’s I’ve become really excited, I pass by it every day, it’s virtually next to The Squid Roe, and I never really paid much attention to it. After going through its photos, I feel I’ve discovered a gem I should have already known about.  The food looks amazing, the worst reviews I found say everything is wonderful but they found it “expensive”, after going through the menu I want to lay that to rest. Everything on the menu sits between 8-14USD (about 160-280 Mexican Pesos) which is incredibly fair.

At second place, with a 5.0 rating, such a good price range, and food that looks this good, this is the restaurant I’m most excited to have discovered. It’s at the top of my list to go to try personally.

Hell, ill go this weekend.


4. WTF Burger Bar

At fourth place on trip advisor holding a 5.0 rating, 1565 reviews, WTF Burger bar is the place to go to get a burger. I’ve actually been here a few times, so why beat around the bush? It’s good, in my experience, service was average, nothing special, and as the name would imply the specialty is Burgers. Location is great, it’s right on the Marina, right in front of you, if you come to Cabo I’m sure you’ll walk right by it.

The menu has everything you’d expect from a sports bar, everything on the menu is between 15-20dlls which is pretty average on the marina.  WTF stands out is in its Burguer options, you can expect great ingredients put together in really thoughtful flavor combinations, 13 interesting hamburger options, and two note-worthy mentions for non-meat-eaters are the Vegetarian Black Bean hamburger and The Impossible Burger made with a vegan soy patty.

Last time I went there were no Vegan/Vegetarian hamburgers, I’m happy to see this addition to the menu, having never tried an Impossible burger myself, I look forward to going out to WTF and try their take on it.


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