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Casasola Café & Brunch

Casasola Café & Brunch

Casa Sola

Casasola Café & Brunch, Breakfast & Coffee.

Casa SolaThere’s a middle school next to this coffee shop. I remember when it opened. I was 13. I remember the cool kids would go have a sandwich at this café after school. It was too expensive for my walking around money.

It’s changed a lot since. It changed a lot in a short spread of time. It started off as a stand, all they sold was coffee to teachers and to the immense staff of the phone company across the street. Naturally, if you didn’t even make a mug of coffee before you left, you for sure didn’t have breakfast. The customers began asking for sandwiches to wash down with their coffee. With such a hungry, sleep-deprived clientele, CasaSola was quickly turned into a Deli. Coffee & Sandwiches.

Casa SolaNot to make it seem easy. In all honesty, CasaSola always tried to do a good job of it. People asked for sandwiches, CasaSola answered with paninis. It’s not just about giving the customers what they want, it’s in going further that you find success. A fact often overlooked by many entrapeur privileged enough to endeavor in Los Cabos.

Casa Sola

Casa SolaWhere are you now?

Casa Sola is now one of the prettiest little Coffee-shop restaurants in town. It’s probably my go-to restaurant to have a lovely breakfast. I’ve been here dozens of times and will likely come back a dozen more after that. Their service is very well maintained, never have I had a bad experience. The food is also very consistently good. Their coffee is notably good. The only thing I don’t love is that its always packed. But then again, that’s not a bad thing, its a really good sign.

Its probably best to call ahead, I’ve had to wait at the most 15min to get a table, luckily the restaurant has a good capacity to turn over rate, so although it’s always packed, there also seems to always be a table for you. On this last visit, I was welcomed within a few minutes of my arrival and escorted to the table.

I remember when it was a lot more mellow. I really like it back then. It’s not that I don’t like it now. Its had a spike in clientele, its become fairly well known, and it’s a go to both to locals, people who live here seasonally and tourists.


Casa Sola

What’s on the menu?

Eggs Benedict, Coffee, Waffles, Late’s, Hotcakes, Baguels, Salmon And Eggs, Eggs and Bacon and everything in between. And they’re all notably good. Better than most I’ve had around town.

On this visit, we tried to order dishes that seemed outstanding to us. To make my job writing easier. In hindsight, even if we ordered the “usual” it would have shown up well in photos. Alas, we carry onward.

We ordered:

Casa Sola

Casa SolaSmocked Salmon over a Baguel with Cream of Capers, Topped with a Runny Sunny Side Up Egg and sauced with Spring Pesto Garnish.


Casa Sola

Casa SolaI ordered conservatively, the Brunch: Two runny eggs, Smoked sausage, Fruit, and a diagonally cut Cream Cheese Banana Sandwich.

And then the star of the show arrived:

Casa Sola

I’m convinced The Jaudiel Special is the best dish on the menu. It’ll be my regular from now on. Four Runny Eggs, Baby Lettuce and Arugula Salad, a graciously welcomed pesto dressing, bacon and perfectly placed grapes, kiwi, strawberries and orange, to balance out the flavours as if you were having charcuterie breakfast platter. I didn’t know of this breakfast combination, I wasn’t aware you could have a salad with runny eggs for breakfast. I’m never going back. This is my new go-to breakfast. And if you ever go to Casa Sola. You should try it.

Finally Desert.

The in-house bakery makes loafs, baguettes and bolillos especially made for the Molletes. Desert wise you get to choose between two options: Cinnamon Roll or Cheese Cake. Home-made cheesecake is garnished with season berries over a bed of house jelly, or freshly baked giant cinnamon rolls.

We were too full to order desert, but ill try to save some room next time around.

Casa Sola


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