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Pure Dental Center

Pure Dental Center

PURE Dental Center.

Smile with confidence.

PURE is a dental center dedicated to offering the highest dental care standards. Ranging specialties from Preventive, Cosmetic, Maxillofacial, Periodontal, Endodontics and Enfisysing in Implantology and Odontology. Whilst simultaneously hosting the full spectrum of X-Ray and Tomography equipment in-house.


Combining state-of-the-art dental technology with a soothing ambiance. 

I met up with Dr. José Antonio, it felt like meeting up with a friend at a coffee shop. Modern furniture, soft music, impeccable cleanliness, and a couple of couches. As soon as you pass reception you’re met by your Doctor. Dr. José Antonio opened the glass door that separates the waiting room and graciously welcomed me into the facilities. Immediately as a walk past the first threshold into the hallway that leads to a staircase, I asked about the first room to my right.

Taking advantage of the full spectrum of in-house X-ray and Tomography equipment, every treatment beings with a  panoramic X-Ray 2D scan, which allows us to see the full scope of the matter at hand. The first room to the left is the first step of every treatment. The Routine Panoramic X-ray.

We have the equipment, we have the instruments, why not put it all to good use? It allows us to do a better job.

The latest addition to a family of dental centers across Mexico. PURE is dedicated to offering the highest standards in dental care, technology, hygiene, and decor to ensure the best overall experience.

Walking into PURE is like walking into a spa or a nice coffee shop, clean, calm, welcoming, and cozy. You’re immediately greeted by the front desk and checked in.

The whole of the building has been laid out thoughtfully to provide the best experience and medical standards possible.




COVID-19 Safety Regulation within PURE Dental Center.

Taking advantage of the 6 distinct isolated offices in the best interest of the patient by enforcing: ONE PATIENT PER DAY PER OFFICE. This means that each consultation room is only “contaminated” once and isolated off until completely sanitized the following day.



Talking about progress.

PURE Dental Center’s all-in investment in equipment provides a world of state-of-the-art of treatment options, likely hosting the most capable dental collective in Baja Sur, not to mention standards, warranty, quality control, and response times that can only be achieved by fabrication in house aids and prosthetics that are commonly outsourced.

It is all to mean that PURE Dental Center has the capacity to offer extremely tailored sanitary measures, X-rays, 3D scans, modeling, fabrication, and treatments with a kind of all-in-one quality warranty that is unheard of.

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