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Villa Serena

Villa Serena

Villa Serena

Breakfast at Villa Serena

The weather has been nice lately. There seems to be a storm brewing. It’s a little cloudy and slightly windy. I really like it when it’s like this.

Coffee first.

Coffee, (aka Mana: the power of the elemental forces of nature embodied in an object or person) will empower me as I’m going through the menu. I really like waffles… I feel like having eggs and sausage. But that wouldn’t be much to write about:

“I had eggs and Italian sausage. It was good. The end…”

Let’s be adventurous. An omelet with shrimp, octopus and callo de hacha. I’ve never had an omelet with octopus. But that won’t show up on camera, what else could I have that’s unique?


Whilst I meander through the menu. Fresh baked cinnamon roles are brought to my table.

They’re still warm!

I ordered carrot juice to buy some time. I got it! I know what to order!


Mantaray Machaca.

-I’ll have the Mantaray Machaca, please.

Corn of Flour tortillas? Both. 

Machaca is shereded dried meat. It’s a dish that close to Mexico’s heart, prominent anywhere the sun shines bright. The dish came to be mostly because of the necessity of drying meat to preserve it. Regionally, that is, to the people of Baja, Machaca has become a staple. The powerful sun shines year-round. Since the main purpose is preserving meat, and fish is so abundant, we got fish machaca.

I’ve never had Mantaray before. And having it served as machaca is fitting. The dish goes like this. Local fishermen bring in the mantaray fillet, the fillet is dried and shredded in house. Served with a grilled tomato sauce.

Oh! boy! was it good!

It tastes like Smocked Marlin, but a lot of that flavor is developed in the smoking process. This isn’t smoked. Smoked is the natural flavor of Mantaray? I’m not sure. This is my first time having it. If it is wow! why is this my first time encountering it?


Villa Serena is very family-oriented. It’s been a while since I came to Villa Serena. I completely forgot about the pool and the Jungle Gym.

I’ve been looking for places to take the kid to. Being so many places are still off-limits per covid. There’s not a lot of options.

Villa Serena is probably the best I’ve come across. You can come, have a nice meal, listen to live music, have the kids play in the jungle gym, and even take a swim in the pool. The pool is available from 9am to 5pm and its only condition is you spend 12USD per adult or 8USD per child.



I’ll be back with unruly children to wreak havoc upon the jungle gym. Say Hi if you see me.

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