post-title The Best Ramen in Town

The Best Ramen in Town

The Best Ramen in Town

The Best Ramen in Town.

Aka My Favorite Ramen in Town.


Los Cabos Guide says goodbye to one of the most important members on our team. She did a lot of everything, all of the time. I shit you not, it’s a pleasure to work here. And it keeps getting better. She did everything right, and I’m really happy to see her stride proudly on to the next stage in her life. She’s an admirable person, she’s impeccably professional, thoughtful, considerate and anyone lucky enough to work by her side has a lot to learn.


My Favorite Ramen is fitting for a Last Meal on Death Row. It will bid a fair farewell on this notoriously less fatalistic occasion.

I like ramen as much as I imagine people like cocaine. Granted Cabo doesn’t have a large variety of ramen options.


Ramen is inferior to Udon.

I use the word Ramen for linguistic simplicity. I mean Japanese Soup. My noodle of choice is Udon. Udon is always superior to Ramen. This is what the gods have decided. I won’t speak on behalf of the gods. I might impale a man to safeguard the sanctity of the divine order. But I won’t speak on behalf of the gods.


Mama Ramen. “The Fish”

Udon at The Fish, Sushi Bar. “well actually” Udon at Mama Ramen. Mama Ramen was a Ramen Bar across the street from The Fish opened slightly before the Covid pandemic. As you’d expect, given the economic setbacks caused by covid 19, Mama Ramen had to “close” and now exists within The Fish as a small 4 option unedited Ramen Menu apparently made in word.

I really would like to tell you in detail what’s in the Udon, but I can’t remember exactly and the menu isn’t much help. I remember being told is Soy Base, the only animal product in it is the Hard-Boiled Egg. It has shitake mushrooms, seaweed, Kombu, Naruto, and shoelace thick noodles.

Calpis (カルピスKarupisu)

It looks like milk, it’s a slightly acidic flavor, its like plain yogurt or Yakult. Its ingredients include water, nonfat dry milk, and lactic acid, it’s produced by lactic acid fermentation.

The drink is sold as a concentrate to be then mixed with water or milk before consumption. Youll find Calpis Water (カルピスウォーターKarupisu Wōtā) on the menu, or the superior a carbonated option, known as Calpis Soda (カルピスソーダKarupisu Sōda).

Order the Calpis Soda. It’s the best thing you can order to drink. Second, best is their Iced Green Tea.


Instructions for: Udon & HOUSE CHILLY OIL.

Identify the stainless steel saucer with the tiny spoon. Within: Chilly Oil and Yummy Dusty things. It probably has Roasted Chili flakes, less spicy but a lot smokier with a crispy texture and roasted sesame seeds. I can’t tell what else is mixed in.

Add as much chilly oil as you can bear. It’s a hot-numbing kind of spice. It will make you sweat and kind of cough, it won’t burn your mouth, but it’ll make the soup feel hot.

Their Chilly Oil plays incredibly well with the flavors in the Udon. It enhances the Udon. That’s the thing that I like so much. The Flavors aren’t overbearing. Chubby noodle’s Ramen is good, it’s really tasty. But it’s so tasty that if you add a single drop of any additional sauce or chilly, it becomes too salty. Its flavors are too strong.

Where “Mama Ramen” aka The Fish shines is in the light simplicity of their flavors. It’s not under-seasoned, but it’s also not over-seasoned. It lets a few well-selected ingredients shine protagonistically. And it’s so well paired with the sauce that no matter how much you add, it never becomes over seasoned, it merely amplifies the experience and adds the mouthwatering inhightening associated with chilly.

Half of us Ordered the Pork Ramen, Half Ordered the Udon. Arbitrarily Fabricated Pseudo-religious stance aside, they’re both really good.


Not noodle, nor a drop was left on a plate.



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