post-title Carnival Cruise – 23 August

Carnival Cruise – 23 August

Carnival Cruise – 23 August

The Carnival Cruise re-inaugurates Cabo San Lucas Bay to the arrival of Cruise Ships.

The Carnival Cruise arrives on the 23 of August with 3,500 passengers aboard, the first to arrive in a year and a half.

Thursday, August 26, 2021. Los Cabos, BCS.

The joint effort between the municipal authorities and the Port Administration (Administración Portuaria Integral [API]) welcome 3,500 tourists on August 23, 2021, on the Carnival Cruise. This represents restarting the Touristic activities associates with Cabo San Lucas Bay, after a year and a half hiatus brought about in the Covid-19 crisis.

Manuel Salvador Castro Ceseña, delegate of Cabo San Lucas sat down with Fernando Hoyos Romero General Manager of API, Cabo San Lucas. The 23 of August marks the return of cruise ships and the economic benefits that this represents.

“Cruise ships will be required to abide by local safety regulations, including not surpassing 50% capacity. It’s exciting news after a year and a half ban from marine tourism. API asks local authorities to aid logistics as operations find their way back to normality.” Explained Castro Ceseña.

Fernando Hoyos Romero, spoke on the joint effort between Los Cabos and Port administration to see that operations run smoothly and safely. “Well soon welcome executives officers representing the major naval brands who will evaluate our ports current state and to help improve and implement actions to prevent and safeguard tourists health, as well as, that of the local community.”


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