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Cafe Distrito 23Cuatro10

Cafe Distrito 23Cuatro10

Café Distrito 23Cuatro10

 Coffea Arábica, from chiapas. 

Soconusco, the southern humid highlands look like mountains of night.

The night births new light gloriously, blackened soil, rich blood. From the powerful overwhelming vowels of the earth, as if sprout came from the volcanic seed of the core. Its fruit tells the tale.

Soconusco, Chiapas temperatures range between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit, it greets about 200 inches of rain per year, a steamy tropical climate, and just the right altitude above sea level come together with the rich nourishing volcanic soil to produce the very best coffee Mexico can yield.


cafe distrito

If you want good coffee. If you want a good meal.

it s Café Distrito 23Cuatro10 you should visit.


I was told chilaquiles were the specialty. I said: “really? chilaquiles?”

Begrudgingly I ordered the chilaquiles.

Café Distrito

I’ve never had Chilaquiles this good.

A bed of Black beans, House Blue Corn Tortilla chips, the peanut salsa is spicy, but not hot. It adds the taste of lemon to the dish which counteracts the earthy flavor of the blacks beans. Melted cheese on top, I’m not sure what variety of cheese it is but it’s tangy, slightly sour, I would describe it as something in between Sharp Cheddar and Mozzarella. The tanginess plays really well with the beans, the fattiness of the cheese levels out the striking lemon flavor of the salsa, then sauced with sour creme which mellows the intensity of the flavors while interacting with the cheese, beans, and salsa. Chickens neutral umami now balances the fatty, acidic flavor. Finally, julienne purple onion cleans the palette and wakes up the taste buds preparing for the next bite.


All in all, we ordered the classic frappe, it was great. Really tasty, not disgustingly sweet (I’m talking to you Starbucks), the coffee was the star of this frappe, not the whipped cream.  I ordered the Hot Cocoa because I thought it would look good in photos, its hot cocoa, I was expecting something disgustingly sweet, i mean its fair, i ordered a drink with marshmallows, I wouldn’t even complain its fair. But to my surprise it was good. It was way less sweet than your average latte at Starbucks, it was actually drinkable and enjoyable at that.

Begrudgingly the chilaquiles were ordered and they were without a doubt the star of the show. That’s what everyone should order at Distrito 23Cuatro10.

I ordered the Jicama salad: Jicama, Pear, Arugula, Goat cheese breaded in a mix of nuts dressed with a sweet vinaigrette; served in a little blue pot.

Many other options stand out on the menu. Distrito 23Cuatro10 has quite a nightlife scene. Many interesting dishes on the menu would be best enjoyed in the evening. Not to mention on Thursdays Distrito 23Cuatro10 hosts live music.

Enough said. I’ll be back on Thursday evening to reintroduce myself.



Café Distrito 23Cuatro10

cafe-distrito-1Café Distrito opened in 2017, a family endeavor started by Polo Perez now tended to by his mother Conchyta Sánchez. Café Distrito is the embodiment of family values. At its core, the treasured values of manager and matriarch Conchyta Sáncez. This bottom-up nature of Distrito 23Cuatro10 is remarkably percent and sets apart Distrito 23Cuatro10 from everyone else in town.

Coffee & Community.

cafe-distrito-1Distrito 23Cuatro10 was thought and executed with the local community in mind. It is meant to serve as a meeting place, somewhere where manners can be upheld, somewhere people can meet and share a table.


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