post-title Viva La Plaza Returns to Cabo San Lucas

Viva La Plaza Returns to Cabo San Lucas

Viva La Plaza Returns to Cabo San Lucas

Every Friday evening, a short walk from the center of Cabo San Lucas, across the noise of nightlife and away from the air of alcohol and party, you’ll find Viva la Plaza. An effort to show a different face of Los Cabos, allowing families, residents, and tourists to walk and enjoy a new way to discover Los Cabos, to walk freely across the streets, to step into the heart of Cabo San Lucas, and to provide a space for the artist to showcase their work and share their art with the world.

This comes at a time when I have been feeling more and more the lack of cultural spaces in Los Cabos, is constantly left to the residents to create spaces where someone can interact with art in any way, where the thousands of people that arrive every day can walk and experience Mexico’s history and culture. After a short pause, this Friday 11th Viva la Plaza reclaimed once more Plaza Amelia Wilkes, bringing to life the much-needed space.

Viva la Plaza not only allows artists to fill the streets with their work, but it also allows people like me to walk among them, to talk with them, to immerse in their work and their stories.

Nao Magenri is a young Mexican printmaking artist, you can find her in Viva la Plaza every Friday selling the limited prints of her work. After her dad (also an artist part of the event) convinced her of pursuing her art, she earned her place in Viva la Plaza in Cabo San Lucas as well as one in The Art Walk in San José del Cabo, these spaces allowed her to take her art as something more than a pastime, to invest her time and efforts in it, and to see her work reaching people interest in her technique and style, recently allowing her to become a full-time artist. Her work is a mixture of personal style with classic Mexican imagery. On it, I saw pictures that I recognized as part of my personal history as a Mexican, things that deeply relate to people I knew, and moments I lived.

I hope you can go and see her work in person. I’ll be there every Friday evening.


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