post-title Superbowl Sunday in Los Cabos

Superbowl Sunday in Los Cabos

Superbowl Sunday in Los Cabos

Today Los Cabos streets were a little emptier, just a little quieter.

Walking towards the center as the evening welcomed twilight expecting the usual sound of Los Cabos nightlife, loud music blasting across the streets, fighting to grab your attention and lure you inside. Today the scream of speakers changed for the sound of people speaking.

As I approached the center, restaurants got fuller and fuller, people from the outside would stop by just a few seconds to stare at the screens.
What is the score?

You could see how much the game meant for some people, you could also see the people who just appreciated the excuse to go drink a few beers with their friends.

I stood in front of these restaurants when I saw the halftime show was about to start, I heard the music echo across every tv, from every restaurant to each bar. I saw people stop mid-walk, slowly approaching the tv, one after another, everyone watching, everyone part of the party.



That’s how the Superbowl felt in Los Cabos.


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