post-title Museo México, a Window to México in Los Cabos

Museo México, a Window to México in Los Cabos

Museo México, a Window to México in Los Cabos

Museo México, a window to México in Los Cabos.

This February 9th I had the pleasure of assisting the presentation of Museo México, a small exhibition that seeks to bring attention to Mexico’s culture and history.

The same day was also my six months anniversary as a citizen of Los Cabos, coming from Mexico City, the capital and biggest city in Mexico,  I’m used to going to museums, walking through exhibitions, and feeling the size, history, and beauty of the place I’m visiting. I’m not going to claim to be the most cultured and avid museum visitor, but it was part of my regular interaction with my city. As a kid, I went because that was my homework, when I grew up,  I went because it was something interesting and relaxing to do.

The lack of cultural spaces was something I was not prepared for when I first moved here. Museums, monuments, and theaters were something I had always taken for granted, I never imagined them being taken away. Very soon this became something that I would crave.

Listening to the people behind this new space, talking with them, I was appeased by the sight of people feeling as I do, aching for the lack of cultural spaces in Los Cabos, referring to it as a “Cultural limbo”, a place rich with things to share to the world, but abandoned by the people whose job is to show it. Places like this being built by the people of the community is something that I’ve found before in Los Cabos, and after the immediate disappointment on a system that appears incapable of supporting these efforts, always comes to a deep sense of admiration for the people that take the burden upon themselves.

Museo México will open its doors this February 18th, charging 260 Mexican pesos for the entry, offering special prices to residents as well as free access to people with disabilities and student groups. The tour starts with a look at the main civilizations that formed the basis of our culture, then, accompanied by a guide characterized as a figure of Mexico’s history (or by themselves, scanning QR codes present in every hall) visitors will walk among pieces of work of Mexican artisans representing each state and will learn some of that state history.



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