post-title Cycling Through Los Cabos

Cycling Through Los Cabos

Cycling Through Los Cabos

Using a bicycle to move through Los Cabos it’s… hard, and that’s the polite way to put it.

I’ve been living in Cabo San Lucas for half a year now, after living my whole life in a large city, finding myself within walking distance of most places I wanted to go was a big change. Initially, I changed hours-long trips in crowded subways for long walks. Walking under the late summer sun was slow, tiresome, overly uncomfortable, but that didn’t stop me from walking, I like the internalization of being in one place, of being part of the street’s landscape and feeling like you belong.

I learned to ride a bicycle four years ago, as soon as I arrived here a friend offered me his bike to move through town, but, I learned to ride one just four years ago, all the experience I had was in closed secured areas, doing it for real, on streets, that was a big jump for me. This year I jumped.

I’ve been moving in bicycle for a month now, I use it to get to work and back home, to visit friends, and even to go for groceries.

As I said before, It’s hard. Often you’ll be forced to ride above streets covered in sand, Cabo San Lucas’ terrain is irregular and wavy –so it doesn’t matter where you are going, you are bound to find some hills along the way–, arriving to place after place and finding nowhere for you to chain your bike has made me feel the most unwelcomed here I’ve been since moving. Hard is a courtesy when talking about a place that doesn’t have the infrastructure to foment cycling nor does it seem to care about it.

Is also a beautiful way to discover Los Cabos, it has allowed me to go to new places, to explore different streets, to feel Los Cabos’ size and shape, and to get to know the place I now live in.

Every Sunday morning some of the main streets are closed to allow cyclists to ride a few hours. Even if Cabo San Lucas lacks infrastructure, If you take the time to look around, you’ll find a community of cyclists just waiting for a chance to help it grow.



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