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Panchos Tequila

Panchos Tequila

Panchos Tequila

Panchos Tequila Tasting: La cultura de nuestro destilado.

Don’t “shoot” tequila, tequila is sipped. They’ll show you how to drink it softly. Panchos Tequila pedigree comes from 25 years of collecting Tequilla, this pedigree is prominently displayed at their bar. 560 labels of tequila collected over the past 25 years.


From Egypt to the Arabian peninsula then Spain. The Spanish bring to Mexico distilling processes, El alambique, from which indigenous licor such as El Pulque, El Agua Ancestral, and Fire Water become  Vino Mezcal, which during the prohibition get put into whisky barrels and birth Mexican Whiskey, which would then after being aged become Tequila and Mezcal.


Pacho’s Holds Trip Advisors #1 Tequila Tasting experience, it’s here to share the experience of Tequila, Tequila’s unique nature and birth is explored through its history and you’re taught how to dance to its beat. To enjoy its charms flirtatiously.

The tequila tasting is an introduction, a courtship, and finishes in marriage. The marriage between the right tequila and the right meal. Here the customer will have to stand back a allow the Tequila Master to lead.

Pancho’s Tequila Master is Jose de Jesus Anguiano Marquez, aka Pepe “Tequila” Anguiano. Pepe has a list of certifications too long to remember, 26 years at Panchos and a palate that’s tasted every one of those 560 Tequilas Pancho’s collected over the years.

After the Tequila tasting, it’ll be Pepe “Tequila” Anguiano who’ll certify the experience with a signed diploma.


Pancho’s Tequila knowledge is distilled into its own house tequila. Bottled is its final resting place, you can only find Pancho’s Tequila at Pancho’s Restaurant, Cabo San Lucas. Blanco, Reposado, Añejo y Extra Añejo. Distilled in Tequila, Jalisco, Agaves cultivate by Maestro Tequilero Jaume Agusto Villalobos Ramirez. Pancho’s Tequila is what you get after tasting 560 different Tequilas, and to best appreciate it, Pancho’s will walk you through the know-how.




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