post-title La Esquina Choyera

La Esquina Choyera

La Esquina Choyera

La Esquina Choyera

Empanadas, Burritos, Machaca & Coffee.

The only place you’ll find open at 5 am, refill coffee. A favorite among the early risers, taxi drivers, and the hungover.

An empanada is a folded dough pocket filled with meat, beans, or sweets, crimped at the seam like dumplings, bread dumplings, they’re fried and commonly served with a side of beans and fresh cheese.

Empanadas are a traditional  Choyero (Native of Baja California Sur) breakfast, along with burritos and Machaca.




You can find these local favorites on their menu which also includes eggs every way you can think of, and omelets with the works.

It’s surprisingly hard to find somewhere to have breakfast open before 8am. In fact, this is the only place I know of.


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