post-title The Green Light Safety Status

The Green Light Safety Status

The Green Light Safety Status

The Green Light Safety Status


This September 20, 2021, the state of Baja California has entered Green Alert Status according to the federal government of Mexico.


This brings us to the new normal, but it also keeps some regulations so that covid cases continue to drop in Los Cabos.


Some safety measures stick around.


You should still be washing your hands and constantly disinfecting commonly used objects,  and surfaces, face masks are required in public transport, and strongly advised when in public spaces, keep a safe distance from strangers, and stay home if you present any Covid-19 symptoms.

Under the new green light,  we can have some room to breathe,  it’s no longer required for people to stay inside, so you can go for a walk to the beach if you want,  businesses can allow more people inside, so you can easily find a table if you go out for dinner with friends, and for the locals, the schools should be allowing students to re-enter their classrooms following the instructions given by the Public Education Secretary (SEP) on México.


All in all, not much changed

Los Cabos has been working on dealing with the Covid-19 situation as fast and as efficiently as possible, entering this new status just means that all that effort worked and we need to keep working alongside the authorities to maintain this new green light.



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