post-title My first week in Los Cabos.

My first week in Los Cabos.

My first week in Los Cabos.



I’m new to Cabo. I’ve been here for a week. I was asked to write about my impressions of this place. First thought: It’s hot.

It’s hard to feel at home when all the clothes you have were bought for a city that only has this kind of weather a few days out of the year. But these are the clothes I have.


I went to Médano’s beach this weekend.

I was surrounded by rushed relaxation. People doing their best to escape from their routines. Filling every step they took with screams and laughter. Everywhere I look there were people whose only preoccupation was to make the most of their time here. After swimming for a while I decided to leave, the place was too crowded for me, I could see that same feeling in some of the many faces. You just don’t care that much when you are on vacation.


I want to explore this place, go hiking, visit different beaches, I may even get paid to do some of that stuff. I hold that thought I’m my head, I’m here to work. I’ve never been a daring person, I’m someone who waits, observes, someone who lives watching others do, now it’s my time to do and I’m not really sure what that means.

But I know that I have to keep going, I have to become someone in this foreign place that I now call home. I have to grow in this desert. Let me know if you see Moses. Or a golden calf.

The world around me has changed, and I have to do the same.

Now, I look at myself, I observe.

I look out a new window and yet the mirror looks back the same. After all, these are the only clothes I have.



I’ll need something new.

I’m just getting used to the sun.




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