post-title Going out to Watch a Movie in Los Cabos

Going out to Watch a Movie in Los Cabos

Going out to Watch a Movie in Los Cabos

I can narrate my life in terms of the movies I was watching at a certain age, and where I was watching them. Movies as an art form are an essential part of us as people and cultures and movies as a place, as a time and space, are just as important. This new world around me shrinks, as does my heart when I remember things that no longer exist for me.

—”Do you want to go to the movies?”

— “Sure, where?


The innocent question. A few months ago it was something to consider, who is going, what is the most convenient movie theater? is the movie we want there?. I had options and I had favorites, favorite theater, favorite seats, favorite place to go eat something after the movie.

Now the question is ironic, almost mocking. “Where?”, as if I had a choice. In Cabo San Lucas there is a grand total of two movie theaters*. Just a few showings to choose from, the same movies in both.

They are not terrible theaters, but If I had a choice, if there was more to choose from, if things were as they use to be. I wouldn’t be going to either of them.

*Two BIG CHAIN movie theaters.

Every Thursday night there is another option. Close to Cabo San Lucas’ marina, there is the Republic’s Cultural Pavillion.

It’s an easy place to find, is that giant silver cocoon that breaks the landscape, and every Thursday night is the home of Cinema Vagabundo.

Alejandro Rosas, the organizer, picks a movie, something with a certain theme within that month’s cycle,  something new that will bring more people to the seats, a special screening for events with directors and crew, or just something the people want to watch. Every Thursday he seats and waits, as he readies the projector, people slowly find their way into the dark room, those who know, those who care.

The quality of the projector and speakers is not the best, there is just one showing per week, and if the movie doesn’t interest you, you can’t do much but wait for the next one.

For me is a new option, and often is the best. A new place and time for me to sit and watch something unexpected. A new frame surrounding this new shrinking world. A new part of my history.


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