post-title Culinary Awards 2022

Culinary Awards 2022

Culinary Awards 2022


Los Cabos is one of the biggest tourist destinations in Mexico, setting itself apart because of its beautiful scenery, unique experiences, and its food. 

A characteristic cuisine that blends Mexican traditions, seafood, and meats can be found all over Baja California Sur. Culinary Awards is an effort in recognizing this industry’s place, sharing Mexico’s culture and personality, as well as praising the initiative to show foods indigenous to La Baja.

For a restaurant to enter the competition it must submit its menu containing at least one traditional plate of the region. Over a hundred restaurants sign every year, expecting to be judged by local experts. They will be able to register for free, from April 1 of this year until April 30, the format will be available on their website. In addition to these anonym judges, everyone who visits these restaurants can share their opinion and be part of the event casting their vote on their official site. All the votes are later validated by external auditors to guarantee the transparency of the awards.

This year’s categories to be evaluated by a jury are; Restaurant of the Year, in Hotel, Restaurant of the Year, in the City, Restaurant of the Year, in Todos Santos- Pescadero, New Restaurant, Consolidated Restaurant, Culinary Concept, Chef of the Year; Revelation Chef, Bar of the Year, Selection of Wines, Excellence in Service, and Sweet Proposal.

Meanwhile, the public prizes will be awarded to a variety of culinary experiences, this being;  in Cabo San Lucas, in a Hotel; Cabo San Lucas, in the City; Tourist Corridor; San Jose del Cabo, in Hotel; San José del Cabo, in the City; Todos Santos – Pescadero and best experience in Casual Restaurant. There will be other extra categories to recognize the best breakfast and cafeteria options; Option for food or lunch; Experience in a bar, in addition to the special prize awarded by the organizing committee of the Culinary Awards for Culinary Achievement.

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