post-title 7 months into moving to Los Cabos.

7 months into moving to Los Cabos.

7 months into moving to Los Cabos.

The idea behind these texts is as simple as the title, “I moved to a new city to work as a writer, I may as well write about it”

I’m writing this on a Monday in the office, I got to work a bit late today, for some reason my bike just felt slow. Later I may go take a walk with a friend. Hopefully, I’ll have time to go to my favorite coffee and write.
Thus are my days living in Los Cabos, I either walk or cycle everywhere, I spend most of my days out on the streets. I have grown fond of some places, foods, and people.

I wanted to write about me discovering Los Cabos, and hopefully, give people an idea of what to expect moving here. To narrate how someone becomes a resident and stops being a tourist.

Now I know what the street looks like, I know where I like to eat. I have a gym I like to go to and a place where I cut my hair. I go to my preferred market for my usual groceries. Bit by bit, step by step, little spaces in Los Cabos become mine.

These blogs fastly deformed into my window to vent, a pillow to scream at, a void for me to fill.

Now I have clear that this is not just a trip, the smell of saltwater is no more a synonym of rest.
I am still no local, I vaguely know the name of the most common streets. Stepping outside of the places I’m used to still feels like being transported to a whole new place.
Most of all, In the back of my head there seems to always be a thought. A judgmental and at times proudly arrogant part of my head that can’t stay away.

“That’s not how things are where I come from” It says every time.

Reminding me, bringing me back. My home is still two thousand kilometers away. Los Cabos is where I live.
So far it’s been really fun living here. But it’s getting hot again.

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