post-title Cerro De La Zeta

Cerro De La Zeta

Cerro De La Zeta

Cerro De La Zeta

Zeta as in the letter Z, (Z as in Zorro?).

Cerro de la Z is a popular violation of governmental property, a sign sits at its gate, but no one has ever read it. The thing about truth is it simply is. This winding path simply is one of the most popular hiking trails in Cabo San Lucas. The young, adolescent, matured and old walk up and down this mountain from dusk to dawn.

The truth is even though this sign resides here, the officials safeguarding the meteorological center at its top acknowledge “hiking hours” that go from 6:00am to 8:30pm. At its base, you’re teased with a glace over the land, evermore rewarding as one ascends. Be it its altitude looking over the city or the path itself that walks next to sheer rock and the desert flora that clings to it.

Cacti perched with their roots in a deathgrip at the peak of sheer rock towering 10ft tall over the passerby. This monument of life and strength in all 16ft tall, 10 of the rock wall 6 of the cacti is a common sculpture of nature to be seen on this path.


Most of the path looks over Cabo San Lucas and the Sea of Cortez, it’s at its peak you get to see it all at once. Mar de Cortez and the Pacific, from the Arch’s rocky mountain body to the Old lighthouse that sits at the end of Cabo’s Pacific facing Beach. Here you can see both the sunrise and set as it looks over this whole expanse. At the top there’s enough space to sit and contemplate for a while, or even have a picnic.

The path is as challenging as it would be to walk up any hill. It’s paved so it requires no more than walking itself. You can go as slow as you want and stop as much as you desire, the view at all points will encourage and accompany you.  At a moderate-to-ordinary pace, one may summit in 30-40minutes. And downhill is a breeze. Even to the most frail I would say “Give it a go”, it’s likely you’ll manage to traverse some of it, and even going a third of the way up is well worth it. With patience, confidence, and trust I’m sure anyone may summit this hill.


In good company, might we live and love well.

I’ll see you there.

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