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A unique Indigenous drink fermented for 40 days for a buck fifty.

Family & Tejuinos El Perico Mazatlan

Gilberto Moralez, Born in Oaxaca, has been selling Tejuinos for the past 15 years.

Son in Law of Don José, server and stand owner of well-known Tejuinos Perico Mazatlan, with a legacy of serving Tejuinos for 45 years all over the Baja. Gilberto “inherits” the recipe.

By “inherits” I mean he spied on his father-in-law. As hard-made-men tell non of their secrets. The recipe has been passed on to him, birthed from genuine interest through observation. The recipe is now as Gilberto’s as it once was of Don José.

So. . . Whats a Tejuino?

It’s a drink, it’s good, hard to describe its flavor. I love it. I buy the big one, 32oz (1lt). The big one costs 30 pesos, that’s about a buck fifty.

Its a uniquely Mexican drink, the word comes from náhuatl tecuin, “latir el corazón”, “The beat of the heart”

It made with Nixtamal, Nixtamal comes out of a process of boiling corn to make the flour used for corn tortillas and Tamales. The drink comes from mixing Nixtamal into boiling water making atole, and allowing it to ferment in darkness.


This fermenting process is fed with piloncillo which is a dark sugar made from undistilled sugar cane juice. Gilberto lets his mix ferment for 40 days.

After fermentation, the Tejuino is cooled and served with lime coarse sea salt, and ice. The drink is refreshing, filling, acidic, sweet, thick, you can taste the ferment but it’s not like beer. It really tastes like itself. Tejuinos taste like Tejuino. As you gulp the refreshing sweet odity it is, you get every now and again a small surprise as the coarse salt goes through the straw.

You’ll find Gilberto right in front of one of Cabo’s most popular churches. El Santuario, not even a mile away from the touristic heart of downtown, any taxi (or local) will know it, recognizable by its tall tower topped with a purple structure that holds the bell. Right across the street, you’ll find Gilberto and his, the best Tejuino in town.

You’ll find Gilberto around noon, he’s there from 11 to 4.

A brief, safe, and tasty adventure of exploring in rich depth a new culture, less than a mile away, for a buck fifty. You can’t do better.

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