post-title Welcoming 9000 Tourists a Day.

Welcoming 9000 Tourists a Day.

Welcoming 9000 Tourists a Day.

9000 Tourists per day are welcomed by Hotels in Los Cabos, hitting figures close to those registered in 2019.

Los Cabos hoteliers anticipate an increase in arrivals for the month of October; Welcoming guests in accordance with COVID regulations and restrictions.

According to Lilzi Orci, the head of the Los Cabos Hotel Association,  currently, 7000 to 9000 tourists arrive daily. Despite sanitary measures capping off the maximum vacancy capacity to 40%.

“According to data we have from Los Cabos international airport, we receive around 7,000 to 9,000 tourists a day […]  We measure our recovery by comparing this year’s data with data from 2019(pre-covid). We’re close to hitting 2019’s marks. We hope that reservations will remain around 40% ”, she pointed out.

So on, the month of June 2019 had approximately 49% to 50% occupancy. She expressed they’re estimating an increase starting in October and on through the last quarter of the year.

“We carry on, integrally following regulations regarding the allowed capacity and arrivals. We expect arrivals to continue as they are. And increase from October on, welcoming the higher touristic traffic according to the dynamic health code regulations actively implemented as new data is acquired. We hope our sanitary measures allow for safe touristic growth.”, he concluded.

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