post-title Wild Canyon’s less Wild Attraction 

Wild Canyon’s less Wild Attraction 

Wild Canyon’s less Wild Attraction 


What happens when you arrive at a place of adventure and adrenaline looking for peace and calmness?

—Instead of jumping and screaming you go for a pleasant walk.—

Behind the doors of the Wild Canyon lies a soothing path, one that welcomes young souls that hunger for discovery and leads the walk of the elder looking for peace and wonder. Then there was me.

Animal Kingdome is an attraction with all the family in mind, in it, you are guided through multiple wooden huts, each a shrine showcasing a different animal. Indications and little treats are given to visitors allowing you to experience the sanctuary in a very personal and unique way, filling each place you stop in with special little moments that amount to a memorable visit.

I walked to the doors of Wild Canyon inside the cold of a clouded morning, those closest to my heart by my side, from them I inherited a call to adventure, they have been witness to my constant growth. And in my shoulder seats a kid that will say the same about me when his time to adventure comes. Knowing the path awaiting us, we walked.

I walked calmly even if I didn’t come here expecting this peace, neither did I look for the thrill of discovery, I just came to wonder, to look at my heart standing in front of me, I watched their faces, I watched them shine like the world around them, I watched their eyes turning towards me and doing the same. We observed the world together, after months and thousands of miles, we were together, in the same instant, in the same memory, in the same peace. Then there as us, together in a smile.



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