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In A Public Event Aby Vera, Director of the Award-Winning Shorts “Avioncito” and “Costa Azul” Was Recognized By Los Cabos Mayor.

  This past Thursday evening, January 27th of 2022, inside the Cultural Pavilion and in the mark of the weekly community gathering that is the cine club Cinema Vagabundo, were present Óscar Leggs, the major of the Los Cabos Municipality, as well as Irene Román, director of Culture and Arts on Los Cabos, to celebrate […]

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Los Cabos Whale Watching

Ocean breeze. You are hunting. A cocktail in your hand.  You chase. A pleasant boat ride. Whale Watching. Beneath the blue mantle surrounding Los Cabos lies a world unlike our own, its inhabitants soar deep under our phony vessels, evading us as we try to be with them, to have some sort of communion with […]

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Wild Canyon’s less Wild Attraction 

  What happens when you arrive at a place of adventure and adrenaline looking for peace and calmness? —Instead of jumping and screaming you go for a pleasant walk.— Behind the doors of the Wild Canyon lies a soothing path, one that welcomes young souls that hunger for discovery and leads the walk of the […]

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