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Wild Canyon Adventures blog

Wild Canyon Adventures

Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, México.

Wild Canyon Adventures is the Southern Baja California Peninsula’s premier theme park, which offers several adrenaline driven activities in a scenic canyon that is located between Playa El Tule and the Sierra de La Laguna. Wild Canyon Adventures is notoriously famous for their Zipline tour in which thrillseekers fly rapidly from peak to peak. They also sport an ATVs excursion that takes riders through the canyon sandy floor and across a hanging wooden bridge. The third high octane adventure is their Gondola, suspended high above the canyon, which allows would-be bungee jumpers to stare 350 feet down through the glass floor before launching themselves off the platform and taking that ultimate leap of faith. But Wild Canyon Adventures also offers a more leisurely and slow-paced activities that includes a tours of local flora and fauna aboard dromedary “ships of the desert,” and an animal sanctuary tour that provides and up-close and personal, intimate look at tropical birds and reptiles Their on-site Lion’s Den restaurant is a perfect post-adventure pit-stop for good food and cold drinks, with a limited menu selection of dishes  that range from breakfast omelets to burgers, beers and buffalo wings. There’s also a gift shop which showcases animal-themed mementos and souvenir apparel.
The Flying Tortuga Ziplines soar across canyons, in which single and tandem zip lines provide an incredible aerial tour that goes back and forth across El Tule canyon, with each stop requiring a hike upwards through a beautiful Baja landscape. The Moon Zipping tour is a zipline adventure which requires action enthusiasts to navigate a high-altitude course of ziplines with the aid of a full moon light, and a headlamp. Dinner is included, which is served with two complimentary drinks.
The Off-Road Runners tour consists of either a 250 or 450cc Honda ATVs, that goes racing along picturesque Sea of Cortez beaches, and over rugged cactus strewn desert terrain, and across a perilous hanging bridge that creaks and groans hundreds of feet above the canyon floor. Their Camel Quest outing is a family-oriented ride on the back of a dromedary camel, which arrives at a custom oasis, where guests sip damiana flavored tea. Damiana is a native herb known for its energy-giving properties.
Another adventurous activity offered at Wild Canyon consists of the Bungee Jump prospect of leaping from 350 feet in the air, and the not-so thrill seeking Wild Canyon Kingdom tour, which is an unforgettable menagerie waltz through their animal sanctuary. Where visitors spend quality time with iguanas and a baby crocodile, and a dozen sit-on-your-hand lovebirds. A sailing tour departing from San Jose del Cabo is also available.

The Wild Canyon tours range in price from $60 USD to $160 dollars. For reservations and more information, please call (624) 144-4433 or email Open seven days a week from 8:45 PM – 6:00 PM. Visit their website, or follow them on Facebook,

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