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Wild Canyon Adventures

Wild Canyon Adventures

Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, México. 

wild canyon Cabo San LucasWild Canyon Adventures. The peninsula’s premier theme park boasts an adrenaline-spiking array of activities in a scenic canyon location between Playa El Tule and the Sierra de La Laguna, the mountain range that forms the spine of Baja California Sur.

At first glance, it seems the sort of place where Indiana Jones would keep in shape between international adventures: Zipliners fly rapidly from peak to peak, ATVs race across a hanging wooden bridge that swings precariously over a yawning chasm, and a large gondola is suspended high above the canyon, allowing would-be bungee jumpers to stare 350 feet down through the glass floor before committing to the ultimate leap of faith.

But Wild Canyon Adventures also offers more slow-paced pleasures. Tours of local flora and fauna are offered aboard dromedary “ships of the desert,” and an animal sanctuary provides up-close looks at tropical birds and reptiles.

The on-site Lion’s Den restaurant is perfect for post-adventure food and drinks, with offerings that range from breakfast omelets to burgers, beers and buffalo wings; and a gift shop showcases animal-themed curios and souvenir apparel.



Flying Tortuga Ziplines
Fly like a bird, soar across canyons and zoom by rock faces. Eight single and tandem ziplines provide an incredible aerial tour back and forth across El Tule canyon, with each stop requiring a hike upwards through a beautiful Baja landscape until you reach the zenith, and stunning views in every direction. The concluding line is better than a half-mile long, and allows intrepid sorts to rocket through the air at speeds of up to 56 miles per hour.

Moon Zipping
Enjoy a beautiful sunset and welcome the desert night sky on this unique tour, which requires you to navigate a high-altitude course of ziplines by the light of a full moon (and a headlamp). Dinner is included, along with two drinks.

Off-Road Runners
Rev up for a Baja style off-road adventure, with 250 and 450cc Honda ATVs racing along picturesque beaches overlooking the Sea of Cortés, over rugged cactus strewn desert terrain, and across a perilous hanging bridge that creaks and groans hundreds of feet above the canyon floor.

The Sling Swinger
Do you remember the swing on your backyard? This is like that…times a 1,000! Swing out from a suspended gondola at 75 miles per hour, then get ready for an even greater rush as you come hurtling back in reverse, so far above the ground that it appears as a world in miniature. This is a tandem ride, so the screams you hear may or may not be your own.

Camel Quest
Ride on the back of a dromedary camel as a knowledgeable guide “schools” you on the unique flora and fauna of Baja California Sur. Then recline in a custom oasis, sipping damiana flavored tea–damiana is a native herb known for its energy-giving properties, and the eponymous ingredient in the peninsula’s most distinctive liqueur–before trainers bring a camel over for closer inspection…an interlude that includes a few memorable hugs and kisses.

Bungee Bombers
The ultimate Baja bucket list adventure. And if you think the prospect of leaping from 350 feet in the air is terrifying, just wait until the hair-raising tram ride over, and the disturbingly distant views of the ground below through the glass-floor of a gently swinging gondola.

Wild Canyon’s Kingdom
An unforgettable menagerie awaits in Wild Canyon’s on-site animal sanctuary. Spend some quality time with iguanas and a baby crocodile, and get ready for some unbelievable photo opportunities as a dozen lovebirds alight on your fingers to eat seeds from the palm of your hand, and colorful macaws take turns plucking treats from between your lips. This is the perfect place to learn about, and bond with, some of the world’s most incredible creatures.

Los Cabos Canyon Bridge
Experience the only hanging bridge in the world specially designed for pedestrians and ATVs. Said to be the longest such bridge in the world, this 1082’ span of swaying wooden planks is not only an engineering marvel, but an unsettling place from which to ponder the canyon floor far below.

The Pursuit of Cortez
The only sailing tour departing from San Jose del Cabo. This original sailing adventure allows you to experience Cabo in a unique journey away from the traditional, crowded sailing routes.

Basic Activities Information:

Price (in U.S. Dollars):

Flying Tortuga Ziplines $110
Moon Zipping $125
Bungee Bombers $110
The Sling Swinger Single $110
The Sling Swinger Tandem $160
Off Road Runners Single $110
Off Road Runners Tandem $140
Camel Quest Adult $110
Camel Quest Children (Ages 4 – 12) $85
Wild Canyon’s Kingdom $60
Day Pass $335
Note: A general “Ecological Park” entrance fee of $15 U.S. must be paid at check-in. This fee includes access to the animal sanctuary, Wild Canyon’s Kingdom, and the Los Cabos Canyon Bridge.
Physical requirements:

Must be fit enough to walk on varied terrain.

Pregnant women and people with heart, back or neck problems, as well as those with vertigo or osteoporosis, won’t be allowed to participate in some activities.

With your safety in mind, the use of cameras is not permitted. Our professional photographers will be there to capture the memorable moments of your adventures.

It’s recommend that you make your reservation at least 48 hours in advance, and for optimal savings, book directly through the Wild Canyon website.


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