post-title Thierry Blouet – Café des Artistes

Thierry Blouet – Café des Artistes

Thierry Blouet – Café des Artistes

Thierry Blouet – Café des Artistes

Elegance and High Cuisine

Chef Thierry Blouet | Photo by Antonio Vargas

Thierry, the artist and Andrés Rosales, the manager, gave us a very warm welcome at Café des Artistes and we had a delightful time amongst friends in a relaxed, elegant ambience.

This impressive culinary artist was born in Puerto Rico in 1964, and was educated by his French parents in France and Mexico. When he was young, Thierry lived in many places; France, Spain, New Caledonia, Australia and he arrived in Mexico 40 years ago. He traveled a lot because his father was Director for several hotels, and his grandfather was General Manager for the ultra-elegant George V in Paris for 30 years, so we can certainly say that elegance and hotel high quality service runs in his veins.

When he was a kid, he started in the kitchen as a hobby, then as a young man his interests were in Economy, Design and Landscaping. In that time he wasn´t thinking about dedicating himself to the artistic culinary career, where we can now say he graduated with the highest honors. He was planning to attend the CIA (Culinary Institute of America) in New York, but they require at least one working year in a restaurant kitchen, o a hotel kitchen to be sure that you are suitable material for the institute and the culinary career. So he applied for the Camino Real, in that time they had an apprentice program, and after six months he was encouraged by their teachers to continue with the program, so he decided to stay in Camino Real. After two years studying and practicing (he was almost over) Thierry asked for another two years training to excellence and master the techniques. Right after he ended up at the Fouquet´s de Paris in Mexico City, inside the famous Camino Real Hotel designed by the prestigious Mexican architect Sordo Madaleno. In the 80´s, in the Mexican capital there was a boom for the French cuisine, so it was a magnificent time for Chef Thierry to explore and grow.

Photo by Antonio Vargas

In an international contest, he represented Mexico and got the third prize, after that achievement, a manager from Camino Real Puerto Vallarta asked him to join his team, he wanted to go to Cancun, but went to the interview and after 24 hours in that magical town he decided that Vallarta would be the place he wanted to stay. Worked with them for a couple of years, then Thierry wanted to learn more and asked to be able to travel and get more experience, with Camino Real support went to France to three stars Michelin restaurants, another season in Chicago and more achievements came to his way.

The name of Café des Artistes came not because is visited by artists, but for the presentation of the dishes and the cocktails, the ambiance and the art in the culinary aspect. This coming December the first Café des Artistes will celebrate its 28th anniversary in Puerto Vallarta. The second Café des Artistes “del Mar” was established in Punta Mita in Nayarit 10 years ago, but the name was changed due to a marketing issue, now is known as “Tuna Blanca by Thierry Blouet” with seafood, grill and a Mexican menu, the third was established more than two years ago, in San Jose del Cabo, inside the super elegant JW Marriot Los Cabos Beach Resort & Spa. This third restaurant brought an extract from the Café des Artistes from Vallarta. Here in this Café des Artistes, there are different ambiences, like the P’yote Bar that has an amazing work of art in an open space, is a magnificent sculpture settled in the right place.

We were introduced with several cocktails made by a very talented mixology artist, we were delighted with some of those state of the art beverages, the favorite in our table was the Fresh Ritual, made with raicilla and some other exotic ingredients; we were pampered with “Yerberito” with rum and eucalyptus, Sexy Fig with vodka and lemon juice, Negrilla, a very exotic and strong cocktail with a special ice, it contains several elements and they add at the end some grasshoppers covered with chocolate. All the cocktails were artistically presented, as well as the amazing desserts, they are really mini-sculptures of culinary delicacy with touches of Mexican-European flare; we tried several desserts, my favorite was the Cardamomo Ice cream. In this moment they are promoting the Chocolate and Cocktails Festival, which presents a whole world of colors, textures and amazing flavors, something certainly not to miss.

For the future, Thierry is planning to de-construct and re-construct the original Café des Artistes in Puerto Vallarta, a whole renovation. This is something he likes to apply. That after 10 or 15 years rebuilt the idea, refresh the concept, recreate the dream. He will also refresh Tuna Blanca concept in Punta Mita, then look for a more elaborate franchise, maybe a couple more restaurants… may be more. Thierry’s philosophy: “Enjoy what you do, work with the best products, make good working teams. Love life, be passionate… With you, with who you live, where you are and what you do; then, all that can be a reflection of your work”.

The décor is absolutely stunning, framed with an amazing view of the spectacular Sea Of Cortez. This is a place where you can relax and be pampered by culinary delicacies with a very attentive, yet discrete service. The Owner-Chef Thierry Blouet, The Executive Chef Mario Rodríguez, The Sommelier Ivan Tapia and the manager Andrés Rosales will give you a great welcome and an unforgettable experience. Café des Artistes is located in the premises of JW Marriot Los Cabos Beach Resort and Spa in Puerto Los Cabos, San Jose del Cabo.

Written by Antonio Vargas.

Fore more Information take a look the Contact Page :

Café des Artistes
Phone: (624) 163 7600
Open: Daily from 18:00 to 23:00
Payment:  All major credit cards accepted. .

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