post-title Without Passion There is no Art

Without Passion There is no Art

Without Passion There is no Art

Without Passion There is no Art

Hector Herrera at Romeo & Julieta

Hector creates in Ensenada, Baja California, very close to the frontier between Mexico and the United States and he has an impressive resume. Currently he is exposing part of his work at Romeo & Julieta Restaurant in Cabo San Lucas where you can feel the color expression applied with talented skill and grace.

Hector´s work is full with color, he makes mixes between paint and inks and the result are more than awesome, you can appreciate the brightness and shine on the textures. Personally I can say that his head sculptures are profound and dramatic.

He was born in Mexico City and went to the oldest and first university in Latin America, the UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico) where he got a degree in Visual Arts, as part of the program PAEA of the renowned Ancient San Carlos Academy, where one of the most famous Mexican muralists -Diego Rivera- had his origins too. He got a scholarship from the Polytechnic University of Valencia to conclude his career. Hector has received several awards and art commissions, nowadays he is coordinating the CRIA in Ensenada (Center of Residences and Artistic Exchanges) and the objective of this project is to provide a space where the artists can get together to interchange ideas, techniques and basically been around each other to grow artistically and personally, also to open new public spaces to exhibit the work of the artists; the CRIA is located in downtown Ensenada, but there are new facilities which are located on the free highway from Ensenada to Tijuana, very close to the tollbooth.

Hector is focused in working projects for the city of Ensenada in this moment and is sculpture what he is more concentrated right now. The style of the sculptures he works are figurative in contrast with the abstract style of painting that we can appreciate at Romeo & Julieta, but if you go into his website you will be amazed by the impressive painting style and his art proposal, is absolutely beautiful.

Hector Herrera will bring two new pieces for Romeo & Julieta, they will be installed in a couple of new spaces of the restaurant in about two or three months from now; he is also working another very important proposal for them and the city of Cabo San Lucas, is a donation to Los Cabos Community. A monument that will be placed at the very entrance of the restaurant. We are talking about a big bronze sculpture of a Tuna Shoal, by the way, the name of the piece is Shoal, “Cardúmen” in Spanish.

Without any doubts Hector Herrera is a great artist and we are sure our community and our happy visitors will very well appreciate his work.

Written by Antonio Vargas.

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