post-title The Starting Shot, Bisbee’s 2021

The Starting Shot, Bisbee’s 2021

The Starting Shot, Bisbee’s 2021


The quiet and cold reign the land of noise and sun. The first hours of the day cover the world with a veil of unfamiliar calm, air of a journey that just started, noise of a party that just ended, we moved through these streets, letting the world transform in our path, guiding us to this spectacle, the sea welcomes us, air of salt and sand, noise of waves and foam. And boats.


Bisbee’s Black & Blue 2021 has started, and we went to see the opening shot.

As a newcomer with no particular interest in sportfishing, I didn’t know about Bisbee’s until very recently.

The voice of a local is quick to change when talking about Bisbee’s, their words are of sudden proudness, an excited voice gets trapped in the back of their throat as they tell an old story or a random fact that came to their mind. Those words grabbed my attention, but never truly resonated with me.

We moved through the shifting blue mantle of the sea, slowly we were witness to a parade, as the sun rose in the background boats passed by our side filled with the cheerful joy of anticipation, just to be finally here was enough to celebrate. One by one they surrounded The Arc. The landmark stood like a lighthouse, attracting every ship in the water to this meeting. And in excitement we awaited.

The preemptive celebration broke into silence as one voice raised above the rest, a distorted mechanic voice resounded in every boat, inundating the world with the sunken trill of a battle about to start. The voice talked about prices, numbers going to the millions that for us spectating were an exciting reminder of the scope of the contest. But for those fighting, the prize is something that they know in their souls, for them this is not a reminder, how do you remind someone of the only thing that has been in their heads? for them is just noise, filling their hearts with anticipation, a metallic sound that precedes the explosion. Then the voice stops.


Two distinct shots dissolve a deep sudden silence and turn it into a frenzy, every ship around us blasts against the deep horizon, joyful warcries are barely audible amongst the roar of hundreds of motors turning to full power in a matter of seconds. The world is shaken by the abrupt rush. Spikes of water rise from the ocean transforming the calm blue vail into a furious white rash. The motion reaches every boat that’s still in place making it part of the dance.

I found myself gripping the edge of the boat, fighting to stand straight, my eyes wide open and my heart racing.

The words of the locals never resonated with me, but now I’ve been there, I have my own story to tell.



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