post-title Santo Seafood & Cantina.

Santo Seafood & Cantina.

Santo Seafood & Cantina.

Santo Seafood & Cantina.

Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, México.

Santo Seafood & CantinaOn Saturday, February 29, 2020, Santo Seafood Restaurant Executive Chef, Luis López, assisted by Santo Restaurant Public Relations Manager, Roberto Padilla, held a special cooking event at Santo Restaurant, that featured seven chefs who were visiting Baja California Sur as invited guests of the culinary show held at Casa Dorada Beach Resort.

The invited masters of creative magic in the kitchen consisted of María de Los Ángeles from Querétaro, Victoria Contreras of Puebla, Reina Pérez from Morelos, Juanita Segovia of Campeche, Juana Amaya from Oaxaca, Tilita Concha Vaca of Chihuahua and Antonia Torres from Baja California Sur. This unique event was also attended by local Casa Dorada Executive Chef, Gabriel Moro and David Sanz, Director of Food and Beverages at Casa Dorada.

Santo Seafood & CantinaThe staff of the Santo restaurant served the special event invited  guests a delicious variety of flavors and colors that brought excitement to everyone’s taste buds. The meal was accompanied with a Oaxacan artisanal mezcal extracted from Tepextate agave produced with 42 degrees of alcohol. Its name “Colmenares Tradition”, was soft in its texture and possessed an intense sweet taste with dyes of Wood; that for many was some of the best they’ve ever had. The fifth-generation mezcalero master from the community of San Carlos Yautepec, Raúl Parada, personally collects wild agave. In charge of marketing this extraordinary mezcal drink is Eduardo Pascual.

Casa Dorada’s, “Let’s Try Mexico” event of the previous day on Friday, February 28, was an excellent way to spread the culture of Oaxacan cuisine, and Santo Restaurant Executive Chef Luis López extended invitations to everyone for their impromptu event at Santo, as a means of giving more exposure from these talented Mexican cooks, as well as an educational experience from which he could learn more from these talented lady chefs from the mainland Republic of Mexico; who possess such an uncanny skill that is born of tradition and hundreds—if not thousands—of years through their regional history. The women gladly rolled up their sleeves and went quickly to work in creating the tasty delicacies that belong only to Mexico.

Santo Restaurant is located across the street from City Club at Plaza Pioneros on Paseo del Pescador Street, and just a few blocks from El Médano Beach and Cabo San Lucas Bay.

By Antonio Vargas


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