post-title Santo International Women’s Day Event

Santo International Women’s Day Event

Santo International Women’s Day Event

Santo International Women’s Day Event

Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, México.

Santo RestaurantCommemorating International Women’s Day in Cabo San Lucas, Santo Seafood Restaurant and Cantina, hosted a spectacular dinner event for a large group of invitees, who were served an amazing menu of food prepared by six brilliant and talented chefs. Led by Chef Minueth Arciniega of Santo Seafood, the other dynamic and innovative chefs included Carmen Hinojósa del Rincón de Las Brasas, Ana Cisneros y Pastelera and Sous-Chef Alicia Torres de Toro, Belén Cortés de Reguilete and Blanca Duque and Dana Gómez.

Santo RestaurantThe exceptional culinary experience consisted of fresh tuna toast with chef Carmen Hinojósa’s yellow pepper dressing. The famous Toro Restaurant  traditional cheesecake dessert of Chef Alicia Tores; beef skewers with vegetables from Chef Ana Cisneros, and an exquisite habanero sauce with chile de arbol; Oaxacan tlayudas of beef jerky with chapulines by Chef Minueth Arciniega and the emblem taco of Reguilete de chamorro with macha and pineapple sauce prepared by Chef Belén Cortés.

Chef Blanca Duque said she was happy to share this experience with her colleagues, ”Learning to work together was such an honor. My heartfelt thanks to Chef Luis Lopez and Santo Sous-Chef Minuet for everything.” Belén Cortés noted that, “There is an important evolution that is taking place in the culinary industry at the moment, where more opportunities are been given to female chefs.” Ana Cisneros thanked her friends and colleagues for the invitation, and said she was very happy to participate in this wonderful culinary experience. Carmen Hinojosa, also said she very honored and proud to contribute to this unique event.

By: Antonio Vargas


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