post-title Reviewing the Festival Sabores de Baja

Reviewing the Festival Sabores de Baja

Reviewing the Festival Sabores de Baja

Surrounded by traditional food, this Sunday, April 3rd, the Los Cabos community had a glance at the past and future of events in the region.

After years of forced quiet Los Cabo’s voice slowly raises, and calls the world to once more come and rejoice.

Upon entering Doña Pame’s restaurant one is met by a peaceful garden, capturing and displaying the face of rural areas in the region, embracing it, making it the main attraction. pharmacy


A few local artists proudly show their work, welcoming you as you cross the door into the party. The peace fills a little garden surrounded by the few who are still gathering the will to start the celebration in themselves.

In the early spring light, you can see the peace of many breakfasts taking place here, meanwhile, in the back, an old stone furnace evokes hundreds of cold nights with a traditional cup of coffee.


And as people enter, they keep walking, guided towards a sand path inviting you to see what’s behind.

Loose sand forces you to descend slowly, to be wary of your steps, and at your own pace, face this land’s food and people.

The Food of Los Cabos filled the hot afternoon with the smells of a proud tradition. Over a dozen of stands enthusiastically showed the world their tribute to traditional recipes.


Burritos and empanadas welcomed choyeros visitors the same. Stand after stand part of Los Cabos found its way into each plate, filling the afternoon win too many anecdotes and stories about the whys and hows this tradition informs more than the food, the people serving it.


Yet at points of the day, the food was put into a secondary place, for many were used to going to these events, the people who remember how they were a few years ago, people filled with the hope of claiming back something that felt like no one could take away.

Víctor Manuel Castro Cosío, Governor of Baja California Sur made his way to every stand, talking his way around every plate, slowly surrounding the plaza until he found his way to the center, sitting beside some of the most venerable people in the Los Cabos Culinary community and awarding them in a humble and authentic ceremony.


As the food started to run out and the hot afternoon turned into a cold evening the music kept playing, barely setting itself aside from the constant sound of the laughs of conversation.

Sabores De Baja is back as one of the most important culinary events in the state. Setting the precedent for future events to be bigger and bolder, showing us how a community claims back the sunlight of a lunch outside with friends.

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