post-title Reshaping the community; Cabo San Lucas Bike-Way

Reshaping the community; Cabo San Lucas Bike-Way

Reshaping the community; Cabo San Lucas Bike-Way

Reclaiming the street.

The main streets of Cabo San Lucas are often the picture of careless nightlife, thousands of cars move beside sidewalks inundated by the smell of alcohol and the constant cheers of restless parties. But every Sunday morning, as the party dies down and the sun presents itself behind the blue infinity of the Sea of Cortez,  cars are set aside and the streets become a playground for those who refuse to stay inside.

Al around the world a movement has developed over the last decades, cities have taken their veins and emptied them from the thousands of vehicles that inhabit them, allowing walkers to move in them, bicycles, scooters, rollerskates, and skateboards reclaim these spaces for a few hours.

Here kids learn to ride a bike, for them, this world becomes a new normal.

The city becomes a place for humans.

In Cabo San Lucas this has taken place over the last dozen years.

Every cone. 

Every bicycle available to rent. 

Even the Zumba lessons. 

Everything was a donation.



Cabo San Lucas bikeway is one of the few examples of this movement that doesn’t count with the economic help of the authorities.

The support of a community that slowly learned to embrace this space has helped it grow and develop. It may be a tip from a parent that brought their children to learn to ride a bike or McDonald’s itself providing electricity for special events. Nowadays the bikeway has grown to be self-sustainable, earning enough through renting bikes and the occasional monetary donation to pay for maintenance and a symbolic pay for the team. generic pharmacy

Over the years Mario Meave, organizer of the Bikeway has tried many times, by many different methods, to work alongside the different administrations and grow this space. Many ambitious plans to help the cycling community have been shut down by a lack of interest and reluctance to allocate the budget to make them a reality.



Reshaping the community.

Kids learning to ride a bike here will see a street that welcomes them, they will ride past families and groups of friends doing the same, and they will find themselves surrounded by people that choose to leave the car at home. For them, this will be normal.

They will grow up knowing the proper ways to move on these streets, they will know how to cohabit in them with more vehicles. And when their moment comes to be the ones driving alongside a group p cyclists, they will know to respect them.

This is the dream that keeps the bikeway alive. It doesn’t matter if the authorities never notice this constant effort if the streets remain as they are right now and no more infrastructure is given to bicycle spaces. Is the people that have made the bikeway their home, that has grown in it, and those who will come after them. They are what’s going to turn Los Cabos into a place where you can safely and freely take your bike.

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