post-title For the Pleasure of Been Together

For the Pleasure of Been Together

For the Pleasure of Been Together

For the pleasure of been together

Pastafrolla Mediterranean Cuisine

Pastafrolla Mediterranean Cuisine – A new culinary experience came to Cabo on November 22, 2017; when the opening of Pastafrolla Mediterranean Cuisine restaurant took place; the name of the restaurant has its origin in a traditional Italian dessert, the pastafrolla, which a is a delicious pie made on a very artisan way, the pasta is created from cero, the filling is prepared, and then they integrate this culinary art piece with tender and delicacy, the main ingredient is the quince, which is the fruit that grows all year in the cold northern regions of Italy.

Pastafrolla Mediterranean Cuisine

Pastafrolla | Photo Provided By Antonio Vargas

This venture comes from the mind of two entrepreneurs, the Chefs, José Rubén Beltrán and César Jesús Ruíz who luckily found a third entrepreneur, a Mexican-American investor with a successful vision, Emilio Sánchez, who accepted to start from cero and helped to create what Pastafrolla is now. Both of the Chefs, José and César Jesús started this venture from the very beginning; to understand the love and time they have invested in this place, you will have to know this, they even took a few lessons from a carpenter and they put together the tables and the chairs where you seat to dine. The place is nice and casual; the service is very attentive and the chefs are very amiable and experienced.

Pastafrolla Mediterranean Cuisine

Chefs César Ruíz and Rubén Beltrán-lowres | Photo Provided By Antonio Vargas

The base of this cuisine is something called the “triada”, wine, olive and wheat. They take the most representative dishes from some of the countries around the Mediterranean and bring them to Los Cabos, of course they apply their own culinary style. Steaks, several kinds of fishes, cinnamon, species, curries, etc. Recommendable, Filet Mignon with Blue Cheese, Mediterranean Ribs and Portobello Chicken. As for the drinks, they have an excellent mixology expert, besides what you are accustomed to drink, they recommend the “Mediterranean Sangria”, “The Last Parolla” which is some kind of clericot–sangria, martinis, mojitos and a wide variety of spirits and drinks. The Chefs are very creative and they use the most adequate products to offer the Mediterranean flare to the cuisine.

As the motto of pastafrolla says “For the pleasure of been together” come and enjoy the place the cuisine and the company. The phrase, as the chefs says, extends from couples to family.

Written By Antonio Vargas 

Fore more Information take a look the Contact Page :

Pastafrolla Restaurant
Mediterranean Cuisine
 Lázaro Cárdenas Boulevard, between Leona Vicario and Morelos
Phone: (624) 115-2316 and 247-0408
Open: Daily 12:00 – 16:00 Lunch | 16:00 – 23:00 Dinner
Payment: MasterCard, Visa and vouchers accepted.

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