post-title Norwegian Cruise Lines Returns to Los Cabos

Norwegian Cruise Lines Returns to Los Cabos

Norwegian Cruise Lines Returns to Los Cabos

Since this past September, Cabo San Lucas has begun to see the arrival of multiple cruises. And during the last weeks of October, there have been double arrivals, adding to thousands of travelers visiting Los Cabos at the same time.

This represents Millions of dollars entering Los Cabos’ economy, helping the short-term economic recuperation of hundreds of families that depend on the touristic industry as their main form of income. This November, the “Mega Cruise” Norwegian Bliss joins the list of the ships visiting Los Cabos. And to this could be added the new cruise ‘Norwegian Encore’.

In an interview, the assignee of the port of Cabo San Lucas and legal representative of the company Wild Cabo Tours, Jacqueline Liceaga Vega, highlighted that the port has obtained the international aval for its health protocols, allowing the touristic reactivation for the naval industry.

“In Los Cabos we are always in a good mood and with good luck, we have had good arrivals of cruises. For us as a port, this is good because it activates everyone’s economies, not just for the naval sector, but also for the people making and selling handcrafted souvenirs, food, transport. Los Cabos is ready, we passed all the health protocols at an international level, this is important.” Said the representative of the well-known ships Cabo Wave and Cabo Escape.



Information via Los Cabos Report

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