post-title Beer Festival In Los Cabos 2021

Beer Festival In Los Cabos 2021

Beer Festival In Los Cabos 2021

Beer Festival 2021

This Saturday the annual Beer Festival was celebrated in the parking lot of the Pabellón Cultural de la Nación, making its return to Los Cabos since the start of the pandemic. It was a nice event with live music food stands and, obviously, multiple types of beer for you to taste and drink. And my boss asked me to go and take a look.

For some having a work where you are asked to go to a beer festival may sounds amazing, and I’m not gonna lie, it kind of is.

That said, I don’t really like beer.

How is it going to a beer fest when you don’t like beer?

Well, allow me to explain myself, when I say “I don’t really like beer” what I’m really saying is “I have a hard time finding a beer that I enjoy”. I enjoy bitterness when is the right kind of bitterness, I can also enjoy an acid taste and the flavor that fermentation brings to a beverage, I can enjoy beer, in theory. But the most common beers that I’ve tasted feel empty, is mostly a sour abrasive favor accompanied by a hit of alcohol.

But I’ve also tasted some really enjoyable beers.

So I actually got excited when I heard about the beer fest, I saw this as an opportunity for me to taste different beers, try to distinguish what I like and what I don’t like, to appreciate the tastes and aromatics that I know can be present in a beer. And that’s what I did.

And. It. Was. Great.

The format they choose for the event incentivized you to taste different things, to try different flavors, and once you found something that spoke to you, to enjoy drinking it. I’m not going to bore you with my amateur notes of the notes and textures of different beers, I don’t want to fully turn this blog into a showcase of how pretentious and hipster I can be. But I will describe to you a pleasant evening.

As the evening turned dark, people continued to arrive, early attempts to bring a party ambient to the place died quickly as the live music heated the early fall air, everyone turned to themselves and the company they choose for the night.

People in costumes decided to leave their parties early and join us giving the event an air of surrealism, angels, demons, and some marvel superheroes all together with a drink in their hands and a smile on their faces.

I walked from stand to stand, asking questions, talking with people that were happy to share their world with me. In friendly screams forced by loud music in the background, they walked through the flavors, aromatics, and notes.

I tried many times, some attempts got closer than otters but none really had hit the mark. I said”one more”, and on my last drink, I found it, a beverage that truly spoke to me. Slowly finished the sample they gave me enjoying every drop. putting the cup down with a smile on my face. I walked to a stand one more time.


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