post-title Red Carpet Parade at Los Cabos International Film Festival | The Blue Day

Red Carpet Parade at Los Cabos International Film Festival | The Blue Day

Red Carpet Parade at Los Cabos International Film Festival | The Blue Day

The Importance of a Good Story
An amiable chat amongst friends

Red Carpet Parade at Los Cabos International Film Festival, The Blue Day

Third time in a row for the red carpet gala in Los Cabos.
Day 3, the Blue Day, dedicated to the fundraising for Red Autismo benefit association. Once again we had a parade of stars that walked the red carpet, and this time there was a touch of blue; everybody posed with a rounded blue nose garment in support for the efforts of the Red Autismo team, it was a joyful parade.

Between the stars walk by we were able to see the renowned Mexican jeweler designer Daniel Espinosa, who was (of course) requested by some media to be interviewed. Once inside the main theatre, before the premier movie Molly’s Game, Daniel Espinosa gave a beautiful whale sculpture award to Red Autismo, this marvelous piece of art was received by the Co-Founder Francis Doring; unfortunately we weren’t able to count with the presence of Lemonia Aretos, Founder of Red Autismo. There was another recognition award that was granted to Hipatia Arguero Mendoza, film critic; Los Cabos LAB acknowledged the diploma. Hipatia, was indeed very happy and we all in the audience were able to appreciate her candid enthusiasm.

Later that night some of the Festival attendants were invited to a beach cocktail party in Medano beach, at the facilities of Cachet Beach Hotel. The night was warm with a starry clear night; little by little the crowd got bigger and everybody was having fun. Personally, I had a great night, since I got the opportunity to meet with friends who share with me the same cinema, art and media interests. I was very happy to see the Mexican Actor Hugo Stiglitz who is an institution in the Mexican Film Industry.

A couple of friends introduced me to the Canadian Producer Marcel Giroux and the beautiful, talented young actress Marine Johnson. They presented “La Petite Fille Qui Aimait Trop Les Allumettes” which translated to English reads “ The Little Girl Who Was Too Fond Of Matches”. They are competing with other movies to get a $ 300,000 Mexican Pesos prize granted by “Competencia Los Cabos”. Marcel spoke about the importance of presenting good stories, since with the nowadays technology, a lot of people can shoot anything. But the difference is made in the story and how you tell the story. He also mention that this kind of festivals are very important because they gather the film industry people together and this creates stronger relationships and make better bond amongst Film Makers.

As the night went by, I realized that this International Film Festival is growing, as well as our beloved Los Cabos Community. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll have some entrepreneurs that will take the risk and create some film facilities or even a formal studio right here in paradise, where the sea meets the desert.dani

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By Antonio Vargas, November 11, 2017

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