post-title La Circo; A space for artistic and cultural expression.

La Circo; A space for artistic and cultural expression.

La Circo; A space for artistic and cultural expression.

La Circo is an independent theater forum that tries to bring an organic approach to art to the community of San José del Cabo, to rebuild a bond that was greatly severed by the pandemic, to do so with and for their art, and to allow people to express in the same way.


“Permaculture is the philosophy of working alongside and not against nature; of prolonged and reflective observation, instead of prolonged and mindless work; to understand plants and animals in all their functions, instead of treating areas as mono-productive systems “

-Bill Mollison.


This is the path that La Circo chooses, one that tries to bring a community together, to better their world, helping everyone involved to become part of a bigger movement. To spread seeds and allow them to grow. The philosophy that turns these efforts into reality is one of communion with nature, of understanding its rhythm and flow, and stop fighting against it, stop trying to make our will the one thing our work leaves behind. Instead, let this pulse coordinate our motions, let it dictate our own pace, let it guide us to a better home.

La Circo starts by showing us what this philosophy does once is in action, during the conference held to announce this new project, a picture was shown, an aerial view of a desolated place, of a mess created by time and carelessness. And then we were shown the progress.

The plan is to rebuild a community, to heal the bonds broken that the long separation caused by the pandemic, to allow art, to do its job, to talk to our souls and humanity, and bring us together. And they have already started, rebuilding their community, giving it a gift, a place for them to share their art with us and allow us to be part of it, to experience it, to share our ideas, to watch them come to life. To flow with nature.

A few local businesses, local and independent projects are already working with La Circo to bring a series of activities, for the people to approach, to nurture their curiosity and, hopefully, start planting seeds to grow a community with a deep and genuine interest in art and the world.

This new project is already in motion, you can see the schedule for their first productions on their social media, the idea from here is to work alongside you and me, to allow the community to come together, to provide the soil so we can grow.



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